St. Anne’s is in the process of upgrading our software systems to better serve our parishioners. In September, 2016, the Vestry approved the joint recommendation of the IT Committee and the parish staff to contract with Seraphim Software of Collegeville, PA. As of the end of June, Seraphim has replaced Revelations which has been serving our parish needs since 1990. Revelations maintained our membership data as well as pledging and giving data. Seraphim is now performing those tasks and will soon do a great deal more. The next quarterly tax statements will come from Seraphim.

Seraphim can store photographs of our members in the database which helps clergy and staff recognize faces and names. These are also available to the staff as an on-line directory on their desktops and mobile phones. We hope that someday, the parish members will have secure access to this on-line photo directory. During the photography sessions for the new directory this fall, we would like to get individual photos as well as family photos. Please be assured that both your photograph and personal information are very securely safeguarded.

We have many other plans for Seraphim to organize and consolidate our data systems. If you have any questions, please contact John Purnell (ten.n1550772394ozire1550772394v@lle1550772394nruPJ1550772394) and Josiah Dykstra (gro.s1550772394ilopa1550772394nna-s1550772394ennat1550772394s@ned1550772394rawrs1550772394.