Adult Forum: Sundays at 11:00 AM in the Parish Hall

All persons who desire to deepen their faith through study are invited to attend these lectures on Sunday mornings. Our presenters include St. Anne’s clergy, staff, parishioners and guest speakers who offer expertise from a wide range of specialties.

The lecture series offer a balance of topics from the fields of Biblical Studies, Theology, Music, Ethics, History, Spirituality, and Self-Care. These topics generate discussions about the ways in which Christians engage and embody their faith in the world. All are welcome to attend! Coffee and pastries are served.

Our spring Adult Forum series, Faith in Action, begins January 19.  From March 1 through March 29, the forum series will be an exploration of what it means to be reconciled with God and one another as a faith community. Details for upcoming forms are listed below.

Below is the schedule for our spring Adult Forum.  More detailed information is listed to the right.

February 23 – Ford Rowan
March 1 – The Rev. M. Dion Thompson
March 8 – Kathryn Libby
March 15 – The Rev. Jessica Sexton
March 22 – The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia
March 29 – Bill Wilbert

Sunday, February 23

Ford Rowan
How Does Jesus Expect us to Love the Unlovable Misfits?

Join former NBC News reporter and specialist in conflict resolution, Ford Rowan, for this lively discussion.




Sunday, March 1

The Rev. M. Dion Thompson, St. Anne’s Senior Associate
Our Precious Ministry: A Bible Study of 2nd Corinthians 5:18-20

This Corinthians passage tells us that as Christ’s ambassadors, we are called to carry out His ministry of restoring what is broken in ourselves and in the world. Recognizing this responsibility and acting on it is one of the essential components of Lent.


Sunday, March 8

Kathryn Libby, St. Anne’s Parishioner and Docent
Reconciliation: A Personal Reflection

Long-time parishioner and Docent at St. Anne’s, Kathryn Libby, will share a personal reflection on what reconciliation means to her as a Christian.


Sunday, March 15

The Rev. Jessica Sexton, St. Anne’s Associate Priest
Confession: Reconciling Ourselves to God

Do Episcopalians use the rite of confession? Join Rev. Jess as she explains the Rite of the Reconciliation of a Penitent and we discuss together why it is an important rite in our church.




Sunday, March 22

The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia

What does Shub’kono mean? Come and find out as our rector will conclude our reconciliation series on this fifth Sunday in Lent.


Sunday, March 29

Bill Wilbert, St. Anne’s Facilities Committee
Reconciliation: A Personal Reflection

Long-time parishioner and Facilities Chairperson, Bill Wilbert, will share a personal reflection on what reconciliation means to him as a Christian.