Adult Forum: Sundays at 11:00 AM in the Parish Hall

All persons who desire to deepen their faith through study are invited to attend these lectures on Sunday mornings. Our presenters include St. Anne’s clergy, staff, parishioners and guest speakers who offer expertise from a wide range of specialties.

The lecture series offer a balance of topics from the fields of Biblical Studies, Theology, Music, Ethics, History, Spirituality, and Self-Care. These topics generate discussions about the ways in which Christians engage and embody their faith in the world. All are welcome to attend! Coffee and pastries are served.

Below is the Fall Adult Forum Schedule.  More detailed information is listed to the right.

November 18 – Stanley Andrisse, PhD, MBA
November 25 – The Rev. Timothy Mulder, D.Min.
December 2 & 9 – The Rev. Christopher Dreisbach, PhD
December 16 – J. Ernest Green, Jr.

Sunday, November 18

Stanley Andrisse, PhD, MBA
From Prison Cells to PhD

Dr. Andrisse will share his journey from prison to becoming a successful college professor and researcher, and the work of his foundation that assists former inmates re-entering society. For more information, please visit Dr. Anndrisse’s website at



November 25 - The Rev. Timothy Mulder, D.Min.

Rev. Dr. Timothy MulderThe Rev. Timothy Mulder, D. Min.
Aging Gracefully, Part III

Romans 8 says, “What then shall we say to all this?” This was St. Paul’s question at the end of his days about the end of all our days. What then shall we say? Tim will discuss how to prepare for your funeral and thinking together about faith at the end of life.

December 2 - The Rev. Christopher Dreisbach, PhD

The Rev. Christopher Dreisbach, PhD
Just War and the Descendants of Abraham

What are the views for and against a just war in the three Abrahamic religions? The first week will set up the framework for the discussion and the second will focus on the question of whether war can ever be just from a Christian perspective.


December 16 - J. Ernest Green, Jr.

J. Ernest Green, Jr.
A Journey from Advent to The Nativity of Christ through Music

Get in the holiday spirit by experiencing the waiting and anticipation of Advent and the joy of the Christmas Story through music. Join our Director of Music on a journey through the season.