St. Annes’ Vestry Members

The governing board of an Episcopal parish.

Below is a list St. Anne’s Vestry members with their email address, and the ministries to which they are liaisons. * = Executive Committee

Josiah Dykstra*, Senior Warden, gro.s1539986794ilopa1539986794nna-s1539986794ennat1539986794s@ned1539986794rawrs1539986794

Cardie Templeton*, Junior Warden, gro.s1539986794ilopa1539986794nna-s1539986794ennat1539986794s@ned1539986794rawrj1539986794

Katherine Hilton*, Registrar, gro.s1539986794ilopa1539986794nna-s1539986794ennat1539986794s@rar1539986794tsige1539986794r1539986794
Music, Nominating Committee, Worship

Steve Fisher*, Treasurer, gro.s1539986794ilopa1539986794nna-s1539986794ennat1539986794s@rer1539986794usaer1539986794t1539986794
(non-vestry officer)

Linda Adamson
Cemetery, Outreach

Monica Barry
Pastoral Care, PASA

Patrick Carlson
Evangelism, Christian Formation for Children

Carrie Dana-Evans
Christian Formation for Children

Ginger DeLuca
Cemetery, Environmental

Mark Grimes
Investment Committee, IT Committee

Jason Houser
Facilities, Communications, Outreach

David Huggins
Investment Committee, Stewardship, Personnel

Cary Lukens

Bill Malicki
Outreach, Nominating Committee

Doug McNitt
Evangelism, Bylaws

Tripp Trippitelli

Diocesan Delegates

  • 2018: Ann Carlson and Clay Richards
  • 2018 & 2019: Pat Poffel and Caroline Purdy

Diocesan Alternates

  • 2018: Patrick Carlson and Jason Houser
  • 2018 & 2019: Howard Buskirk and Larry Earle

Nominating Committee

  • Linda Adamson
  • Patrick Carlson
  • Katherine Hilton
  • Vollie Melson
  • Carolyn Sullivan