Great Programs for Children and Youth

Programs for Children

Sunday at 12:30 PM via Facebook
The Sycamore Tree (children’s worship)

Wednesday at 12:30 PM via Facebook
Children’s  Discovery

The Sycamore Tree (Children's Liturgy)

The Sycamore Tree is currently being offered Sundays at 12:30 PM on St. Anne’s Facebook page. Based on Luke 19: 1-10 when Zacchaeus, a small man, climbs a Sycamore tree to see Jesus, the Sycamore Tree children’s worship is a place and time for young children to engage in an interactive worship designed just for them. We offer an age-appropriate lesson, joyful music, and interactive prayer. At the 9:30 AM service, children are invited to the follow the acolyte to worship. Children rejoin their parents in time for the Eucharist. At the 5:30 PM service, children may be dropped off and picked up in the Sycamore Tree. Parents are always welcome to accompany their child! Questions? Contact Connie Saeger-Proctor, Minister for Christian Formation with Children and Youth at 443-808-1361 or *protected email*.

Children's Discovery

In addition to the Sycamore Tree, which follows the Sunday readings and provides children with an opportunity to worship in age appropriate ways, Children’s Discovery offers a way for children to explore their faith and deepen their relationship with God. Each of the three levels provides children with age appropriate materials to deepen their Christian journey. Children’s Discovery is currently being offered on Wednesdays at 12:30 PM on St. Anne’s Facebook page.


Pre-K to Kindergarten: Level I Sunday Discovery encourages children to experience God’s love, helping children to have a deeper sense of being a beloved child of God, and belonging to St. Anne’s faith community. Interactive materials help children engage in sacred story, Christian tradition, and prayer. Children explore and learn about the symbols of the Eucharist, prayer, Baptism and other ways they belong to the Christian family through God. Scripture readings are primarily from the New Testament in a sequence designed to encourage the certainty that they are unconditionally loved by an all-loving God.

First through third graders: Children explore Jesus’ life, they receive opportunities to explore sacred story through age appropriate moral parables, maps and timelines of creation. They work with interactive materials, maps, and readings. . They gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with God and with all creation. The foundational sacred stories of Level I are expanded to help children explore and reflect on the Kingdom of God. Children continue to explore the Eucharist, prayer, and Baptism. Children learn how to develop prayer services and engage in safe and age appropriate outreach ministries.

Fourth and Fifth graders: The 9-11 year old child begins to ask questions about who the people of God have been throughout time and how are we alike (or different from) them?” They continue to deepen their understanding of prayer, Eucharist, and Baptism and begin to explore the history of God’s people and nations. Hands-on and child-led materials such as time-lines, maps, interactive charts, and books help children explore the time and place of sacred stories and how God interacts in today’s world. By making decisions about prayer liturgies, outreach projects, and how they engage in parish life, this age group takes an active role in the direction of their learning. Our children’s program prepare children for their teen-age years when they form identity and peer groups.

Youth Ministry

Join us and explore the path that God has set for you!

Middle and high school youth may participate in our Youth Ministry Program on the first and third Sunday of the month from 4:00-5:15 PM to discover what it means to be a Christian, enjoy a snack, engage in mission projects, and explore leadership, and God’s call. St. Anne’s multi faceted youth program encourages young people to explore their spirituality (relationship with God, others, and creation) through:

  • Mission and outreach
  • Fellowship and social activities
  • Worship
  • Leadership in the church
  • Participation in Diocesan, ecumenical, and National events
  • Serve as Junior Counselors for Very Big Story Camp

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St. Anne's Youth Confirmation Program

I will, with God’s help is the theme and curriculum of St.  Anne’s Youth Confirmation Program for teens between the ages of 15 and 18. Beginning on Sunday, August 16 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM, (following the 5:30 service) we will gather using Zoom and explore our faith and form a deeper understanding of what is means to be a Christian in the Episcopal Church. Due to the current pandemic, we will begin our program with the education component, and will later integrate service projects that reflect living-out the call for Christians to serve the Lord.  We do not have a date for Confirmation, but as soon as the Bishop deems it appropriate, we will schedule a date. I hope and pray that it can be during the Easter Season 2021. If you have questions please contact Connie Saeger, Minister for Congregational Life at . Below is a syllabus and registration link:

August 16 –  I Believe: Living the Creed
August 30 – Teaching, Fellowship, Bread, and Prayers
September 13 – Resist, Repent, and Return
September 27 – By Word and Example
October 11 – Seek and Serve (Will also explore service projects)
October 25 – Into the World in Witness

Click here to register.

Upon registration, you will be directed to the resources your child will need to engage in the program.

Other Programs for Children and Youth

VBS (Very Big Story) Camp

Join First Presbyterian and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church for the Very Big Story Camp!

This year First Presbyterian Church and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church are offering an early registration for VBS Camp. We are excited to announce that the dates will be July 8  to 12  from 9:00 AM to noon. Camp will begin at First Presbyterian and will end at St. Anne’s. For more information and for early registration, please follow the link: .

Flat Jesus

Flat Jesus

Feeling the need to connect your children with their St. Anne’s friends? We know we cannot meet in person, so let’s add some fun things for us to do. Go to our website and download a flat Jesus, color him, and cut him out. As you go through your daily activities, take a picture of where you have invited Jesus to be with you. My flat Jesus will be with us in the Sycamore Tree on Sunday at 12:30 PM.  Send your pictures to me at and we will post them on our website. If you are cautious about your child’s identity use flat Jesus in a picture without your child and his or her first initial with a description of where Jesus was invited.

Connect to Someone at St. Anne's

Connect to Someone at St. Anne’s

Brighten someone’s day by choosing a card to send to a member of St. Anne’s family. Your card will be sent to someone in a nursing home, someone who is home alone or someone who needs to be cheered up. Download the card template here. Once you have created your card, either scan and email them to Connie Saeger-Proctor at or mail them to St. Anne’s office at 199 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401.

You can also create placemats by using templates for adults and children.

Children Are a Gift From God

At St. Anne’s we believe that children are a gift from God and we strive to help our children engage in a Christian formation process that is rooted in God’s love, guided by Jesus, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Children are supported in their Christian journey and encouraged to explore and experience the mystery of God presence in their lives through:

  • Prayer
  • Sacred story
  • Worship
  • Christian tradition
  • Mission

Children are Vital Members at St. Annes

Connie_procterContact: Connie Saeger-Proctor, Minister for Christian Formation with Children and Youth at 443-808-1361 or *protected email*

Children are vital members at St. Anne’s and encouraged to participate in formation through education, mission, and ministry. Children will learn about and participate in several mission ministries.