Children’s Sunday Discovery

Sunday Discover

In addition to the Sycamore Tree, which follows the Sunday readings and provides children with an opportunity to worship in age appropriate ways, Children’s Sunday Discovery offers a way for children to explore their faith and deepen their relationship with God. Each of the three levels provides children with age appropriate materials to deepen their Christian journey. The focus of Level I is to help the child know that he/she is loved by God. In Level II the child builds on the loving relationship to hear and reflect on how God wants us to live. In Level III the child begins to look at the history of God’s people and explores his/her place in the world and in the church community.  To register, click here.

Level I (3-6 years old):

Level I Sunday Discovery encourages children to experience God’s love, helping children to have a deeper sense of being a beloved child of God, and belonging to St. Anne’s faith community. Interactive materials help children engage in sacred story, Christian tradition, and prayer. Children explore and learn about the symbols of the Eucharist, prayer, Baptism and other ways they belong to the Christian family through God. Scripture readings are primarily from the New Testament in a sequence designed to encourage the certainty that they are unconditionally loved by an all-loving God.

Level II (6-9 years old):

Children explore Jesus’ life, they receive opportunities to explore sacred story through age appropriate moral parables, maps and timelines of creation. They work with interactive materials, maps, and readings. . They gain a deeper understanding of their relationship with God and with all creation. The foundational sacred stories of Level I are expanded to help children explore and reflect on the Kingdom of God. Children continue to explore the Eucharist, prayer, and Baptism. Children learn how to develop prayer services and engage in safe and age appropriate outreach ministries.

Level III (9-10 years old):

The 9-11 year old child begins to ask questions about who the people of God have been throughout time and how are we alike (or different from) them?” They continue to deepen their understanding of prayer, Eucharist, and Baptism and begin to explore the history of God’s people and nations. Hands-on and child-led materials such as time-lines, maps, interactive charts, and books help children explore the time and place of sacred stories and how God interacts in today’s world.

By making decisions about prayer liturgies, outreach projects, and how they engage in parish life, this age group takes an active role in the direction of their learning. Our children’s program prepare children for their teen-age years when they form identity and peer groups.