Education for Ministry

EfM follows an academic year, beginning each September. If you are interested in this kind of serious religious study, please contact Meg Kimble, EfM Diocesan Coordinator at 410-263-6378 or email

The Program: How It Works

The Seminar Group

The seminar group is the nucleus of the Education for Ministry program. Six to eleven students and a trained mentor meet weekly for 2-3 hours throughout the academic year. Through study, prayer and reflection, students move toward a new understanding of the fullness of God’s kingdom, a process illustrated by a two-rail fence. One rail is the Christian tradition; the other is the collective experience of the students. The rails are linked by fence posts which represent the seminar sessions where life and study meet. The fence is grounded in the soil of regular worship, vital to the life of the group.


Students are given weekly lesson assignments. Responsible for setting their own learning goals, they spend two to four hours each week in preparation for the seminars where they can share insights and discoveries and discuss questions raised by their study.


The seminars allow students to deepen understanding of their studies through discussion and guided reflection and to develop their skills in theological reflection. The goal is for students to think theologically and be effective ministers in the world by examining their own beliefs and their relationship to our culture and the tradition of our Christian faith.


The seminar is supported by a life of prayer and regular worship. EFM students are encouraged to develop a pattern of worship. Liturgical materials are furnished with the course materials.

Enrollment and fees The $375 fee pays for the EfM materials and an honorarium for the mentor. Students also need a Bible and may obtain additional reading materials suggested in the bibliographies. To assist students in need, some scholarship funds are available.