Stewardship Logo 2018

Who are we?

We are a vibrant and faithful community looking forward to new possibilities for worship, service, and growth in the new year, and we want you to be part of this vision. We have new clergy, a new service schedule, new musical offerings, new fellowship groups, and new programming for families! With all these changes one thing has not changed–our faith that God has called this parish to worship and serve. As we prepare for a new year with more changes to come we are excited to enter 2019 with faith in our future!

Where are we going?

We have faith in our future which means we are asking the St. Anne’s community to increase their pledge by 19% to join us in continually moving forward with excitement in our mission and call.


What could we do?

This stewardship goal of $1 million will allow St. Anne’s to enter into 2019 with more opportunities and possibilities to serve God and one another. To read more specific opportunities, click to see our Stewardship Brochure.

The Future Begins With Your Commitment

Please prayerfully consider your support and pledge online today.