Forum on Opioid Addiction:

Sharing The Burden

Join us at St. Anne’s this Sunday, April 8, at 11 a.m. as we explore ways to respond to the opioid addiction crisis that is ravaging our city, our county and our nation. Molly Nussear, currently Managing Director of Outreach Recovery, will lead the discussion, along with the Rev. M. Dion Thompson. The event will be in St. Anne’s Parish Hall, 199 Duke of Gloucester, Annapolis, MD.

The goal is to share ways we can help families and individuals who are burdened by addiction. One main hope is to dispel the stigma that accompanies addiction. Too often shame keeps people from seeking help. The result is usually an ever worsening situation.

The numbers from the opioid crisis are staggering. So far this year there have been 43 fatal overdoses in Anne Arundel County, an increase of more than 33 percent from last year. The problem touches every corner of society — rich and the poor, those living in the city, the suburbs and in the countryside. Everywhere, individuals and families labor under the burden of addiction. The famous such as Michael Jackson, Prince and Tom Petty make the headlines, but there are thousands more.

Come and be informed. But, more importantly, come and be inspired to help.


POC: Rev. M. Dion Thompson,