We believe that all that we have and are is a gift from God. Stewardship is our use of all that God has given us–including our time, abilities, opportunities, and our physical and financial resources–on God’s behalf, to do God’s work in the world. Good stewardship is marked by generosity, and brings joy and peace to our lives.

2021 Pledge Form

To submit pledge payments, to make a one-time gift, or to make a donation to a specific ministry, please click here.

We utilize Vanco Services to process electronic giving. The security of this financial processor are regularly audited and are as good as commercial standards for large retailers. If you want more information about financial stewardship and pledging, please see our FAQ’s About Pledging (toggle below) or speak with a clergy or vestry member. Thank you very much for your financial support for the ministries of St. Anne’s Church!

St. Anne’s Legacy Circle

How will YOUR Legacy be part of the Legacy of St. Anne’s Church?


Incorporating a gift in one’s will or estate plan often allows us to make a gift we could not consider during our lifetimes.

At St. Anne’s Church we are the inheritors of a long tradition of Christian worship and service. Those who worshipped here before us gave of themselves and their treasure to ensure that St. Anne’s would live into the future. Now it is our time to make the plans that will sustain St. Anne’s for the generations that come after us. Last year, several families informed the parish treasurer that they have provided for St. Anne’s Church through their estate plans. Their gifts will strengthen the endowment that provides income to support the ministries that you treasure. Take a moment to consider these core ministries:

  • Our worship services that inspire us to serve God.
  • The music programs that enhance our prayer and praise.
  • Our outreach ministries to the wider community that transform lives.
  • The spiritual formation programs that equip us for our life in faith.

Ask yourself if you can make a planned gift to secure their vitality for the next generation. We are deeply grateful to the families that have established a legacy gift for St. Anne’s Church through their estate planning. This is an act of deep devotion to Christ’s ministry among us. It is true discipleship. Thank you for prayerfully considering joining them. Faithfully yours, The Rev. Manoj Mathew Zacharia, Rector and Pete Smith, Chair, Planned Giving Committee. Please consider: bequests in your will; IRAs/life insurance with St. Anne’s as a beneficiary; and other estate planning vehicles. Consult with your Financial Advisor, CPA or Estate Attorney to address your situation.

The following are members of St. Anne’s Legacy Circle:

Ms. Linda Adamson & Mr. Wayne Adamson
Ms. Zenith Jones Brown +
Mr.  & Mrs. Donald Buhrer +
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ladd Carr +
Mr. & Mrs. Jer Chambers
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clopp
Mrs. Betty Cockrill +
The Ronald E. Council Family
The Rt. Rev. & Mrs. Michael Creighton
Mr. & Mrs. Ned Criscimagna
Ms. Karen Davis
Frank and Ginger DeLuca
Ms. Angela W. Eggleston-Howard
Mr. & Mrs. William Garrett
Ms. Katie Harris & Ms. Sylvia Lohr
Dr.+ & Mrs. Stephen Hiltabidle
Mrs. Carol Hjortsberg +
Ms. Marguerite Elinor Linthicum Hopkins+
Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Houghton
Mr. & Mrs. David Huggins
Capt. & Mrs. Robert F. Hunt+
Mr. Richard E. Israel+
Ms. Nancie Kennedy
Ms. Margaret Kingsbury+
Mr. William H. Labrot+
Ms. Sarah L. Lewis
The Rev. & Mrs. Richardson A. Libby
Mr. and Mrs. William Malicki
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mawicke
Mr. Shannon H. McDowell
Mr. & Mrs. Vollie Melson
Ms. Virginia Meredith+
Ms. Norma Mezick+
Ms. Caroline E. Mitchell+
The John H. Morrison Family
Ms. Geraldine Nicholson
Mr. Robert Mann Overstreet, Jr.+
The Rev. Dr. Joseph S. Pagano &
The Rev. Dr. Amy E. Richter
Mr. Paul E. Pope
Dr. Lisa Joy Renfro
Carol and Clay Richards
The Rev. Thomas Rightmyer
Dr. & Mrs. James L. Rivers
Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Ford Rowan, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs.+ Charles E. Ruch
Mr. Robert W. Sherer
Ms. Anne Sloan
Mr. & Mrs. Peter B. Smith
Ms. Carolyn Sullivan
Ms. Cardie Templeton
Ms. Judy Templeton
Ms. Joanne Tetlow
Mr. & Mrs. Walter L. Tucker, III
Dr. Margaret G. Tyson+
Mr. David K. Wood
The Rev. M. Joanna White
Mr. & Mrs. Francis D. Wright
Anonymous Donors – 9 Households

Note: + denotes “Deceased”

Listen to your fellow parishioners speak on our need to give!

Susan Thaxton

Kev Hays

Thea Chimento

More Videos…

Nicole Ossola

Dave Huggins

Townsend McNitt

Joe Clapsaddle

FAQ's About Stewardship

What is stewardship?
Stewardship is an expression of gratitude and thankfulness for the blessings of life that come from God. It is love shared and love returned. A life lived in gratitude is a life lived in love.

What is a pledge?
A pledge is a written estimate of your financial giving for the coming year, the amount you think you can responsibly commit to giving to the church.

Why does St. Anne’s Church ask for a pledge?
Your pledge enables the lay and clergy leadership of St. Anne’s to make decisions about ministry based on predictable revenue. Having an estimate of giving from our members enables us to set a strategic and responsible budget and plan for appropriate staffing and programming. Our members’ pledged giving provides the largest amount of money every year that we have available to support our church community’s worship including music, Christian education for all ages, pastoral care, and open doors to the community.

How will the money I pledge be used?
The money you give toward your pledge is directed to the general operating budget of St. Anne’s Church.

How do I decide how much to pledge?
The first step is to ask God in prayer: How much am I being called to give? How am I being asked to respond to God’s call to me to discipleship, following Jesus? Giving is a spiritual practice. Some of us decide on the basis of what is needed and ask, how much can I give to meet the needs of our church community? Some of us decide on the basis of believing that all humans have a need to give—generosity is one of the ways we reflect the image of God. As someone made to participate in God’s self-giving love, how much can I give that reflects the blessings I have received? that reflects my gratitude for God’s gifts entrusted to me? Many pledgers begin with an estimated percentage of their incomes, which seems significant and responsible for the year, and later engage in the spiritual discipline of gradually increasing that percentage over time. The biblical standard for giving for God’s work is ten percent, “the tithe,” of your expected assets for the year.

All pledges, of all amounts, are welcome. Every pledge is helpful, and every one is important to St. Anne’s Church. A pledge is an important statement of your commitment as a member of our church community, regardless of the size of the pledge you can make.

How do I make my pledge?
St. Anne’s Church just needs some written communication that you are making a pledge, with the total amount that you plan to give for 2020. For convenience, we provide a pledge card that you can return in the pledge box at any worship service at church, in the mail, or drop it off at our office. You can also pledge online at You may pay by check, credit card, or with securities.

How will I know my pledge was received?
We will send you a letter acknowledging your pledge shortly after we receive it. We will also send you a quarterly statement, so that you can stay informed about your pledge payments relative to your pledge.

If I have questions about making donations to St. Anne’s Church, or about the church’s budget, whom should I ask?
For questions about the church budget, talk with our treasurer, Susan Thaxton. All vestry meetings are open to our church community and you are also welcome to attend these meetings, in which financial updates are given. For questions about spiritual practices of giving, contact any of our clergy.