Lent and Holy Week at St. Anne’s

Evening Prayer

Holy Week Schedule







Evening Prayer

St. Anne’s will offer the Daily Office of Evening Prayer Monday through Friday at 5:30 PM through Zoom. While there are some records of evening prayer at St. Anne’s going back to the 19th Century, the current iteration has been offered continuously each weeknight since 1987, as part of a venerable tradition. Services are lay-led, as is customary throughout the Anglican Communion. For more information, contact Jer Chambers, jlchambers45@comcast.net.

Holy Week Virtual Services

All St. Anne’s Services are available for viewing on our Facebook and YouTube pages.

Friday, April 10 – Good Friday

Saturday, April 11 – Holy Saturday

Sunday, April 12, Sunday of the Resurrection

  • 9:30 AM – Easter Service

Stations of the Cross

Virtually walk the Stations of the Cross with us here.


Good Friday Liturgy

This marks the second day of the Triduum, the day on which we commemorate the Lord’s crucifixion and death. The service is in fact a continuation of the liturgy begun last night at the Maundy Thursday Eucharist, and it will not ‘end’ until the Great Vigil of Easter. Consequently, the liturgy begins – or more properly, continues – without the familiar acclamation, and it ends without a formal dismissal. The vesture of the sacred ministers is simple, recalling the solemnity and sobriety of the day, and the Gospel according to John is solemnly read. The liturgy crests as the cross is venerated by the gathered congregation. Afterwards, all depart in silence to the waiting of Holy Saturday and the restrained anticipation of the Great Vigil of Easter.

The Society of Saint John the Evangelist



Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday is a day of waiting, anticipation, and preparation for Easter.  We know that Jesus is in the Tomb. This is the profound mystery at the heart of the Christian faith: that we can come to the foot of the cross and bring our hurts and failures, even our greatest pain, and know what it is to be held in God’s love. And then most mysteriously of all, we can experience that pain transfigured by the love of God, and taken up into the resurrection of Christ.

Br. Geoffrey Tristram, The Society of Saint John the Evangelist



Children’s Liturgy of the Light

On Saturday, April 11 at 4:00 PM, we invite you to celebrate the Church’s greatest Feast: The Resurrection of Jesus. We will tell the story and celebrate the great event of Easter; the moment when Jesus was raised from the dead!

The Great Vigil of Easter


The Great Vigil of Easter is the most solemn and ancient liturgy of the entire year. It is the culmination of Lent and Holy Week, and the Triduum. The service consists of four parts: The Service of Light, in which new fire is kindled to light the Paschal (Easter) Candle. The Service of Lessons, in which God’s saving deeds in history are retold; Holy Baptism, in which believers commit themselves to the Christian way; and The Holy Eucharist, which breaks the Lenten fast with the proclamation of the Easter Alleluia and the first celebration of the Eucharist since Maundy Thursday. The vesture of the sacred ministers is white, symbolizing the light of Christ.