St. Anne’s and the Men’s Huddle provide and serve the evening meal at the Light House shelter the first Wednesday of every month.  After the guests are served, we get a plate and sit with the guests to eat and converse.

On June 7 we served one of our most popular meals of chicken and salads.  Thank you Warna Gillies, Julie Rottkamp, Nancy Steere, Monica and Bill Barry, Mark Minik, Kathy Allan, Sharon McElfish, Elizabeth Lee and her son Ben, Bob Sherer, Susan Fowler, Fran Harwood, Wayne Adamson, Linda Silva, Eleanor Huggins, Fran Spector, Nancy Greeley and John Merrick.

With the first Wednesday in July being the day after July 4th, many people will be away.  We are trying to keep things simple and get organized early.  We still need one person to provide a ham of 5-8 pounds – spiral cut or sliced, 1 more volunteer to provide potato salad for 16-18 persons (about 4 pounds if purchased, 2 people to provide coleslaw for 20, 6 dozen rolls, 6-8 tomatoes sliced or ready to be sliced, 50 slices of cheese, drinks (iced tea mix, 2 jars of juice, 1/2 gallon of milk) and watermelon and cookies for dessert. Contact John Merrick at 443 336-4593 or or Nancy Greeley at 410 224-2975 or if you would like to help.

On August 2 we will have our annual cookout.  If the weather cooperates, we will cook and eat outside.  We need 3 people to provide 20 hamburgers and buns, one more volunteer to provide 30 hot dogs and buns, 2 people to provide baked beans for 25, 3 people to provide potato salad for 16-18, 6-8 tomatoes sliced or ready to be sliced, 3 onions sliced, 50 slices of cheese, one head of lettuce, a veggie and dip tray, drinks (iced tea mix, 2 bottles of juice, 1/2 gallon milk) and watermelon.  From July 4 to July 20, contact John Merrick to volunteer for August.  During June and after July 20, you can also contact Nancy Greeley