St Anne’s and the Men’s Huddle prepare and serve the evening meal at the Light House the first Wednesday of every month. We cook our items at home and gather at the shelter to serve the dinner.  After all the shelter guests are served we get a plate and sit with the guests to eat and converse.

On April 4, we received a hearty round of applause for our meat loaf and macaroni and cheese dinner.  Thanks go to John Merrick, Wayne Adamson, Mark Minik, Glenn and Lynn Mortoro, Monica, Bill and Peter Barry, Ed Simon, Courtney Spikes, Page Lyon, Fran Harwood, Gail Fowler, Bob Sherer and Eleanor Higgins for all the food and serving.

On May 2, we will serve our popular chicken dinner.  We need 5 people to provide 20 pieces of chicken – any kind: baked, b-b-q, fried, etc – store bought or home cooked.  Also needed are tossed salad, 6 bags frozen mixed vegetables, mashed potatoes for 45 (2 large boxes instant potato flakes),fruit, drinks (iced tea mix and 2 bottles of juice), dessert , a tub butter or margarine and chicken gravy.  To help, contact Nancy Greeley at 410 224-2975 or or John Merrick at 443 336-4593 or