Environmental Ministry

Group photo Environmental Outreach

Our goal is to work toward “greening” our church properties so that St. Anne’s Parish sets an example for our neighbors and parishioners. We also provide information and opportunities for parishioners to become more aware of environmental issues affecting our area and to encourage them to take a more active role in protecting our local environment.

Contact Ginger DeLuca, 410-626-0098, *protected email* for more information.

Some Recent Projects

Church and parish house lighting:

Narthex Lighting

Narthex light
Narthex LightingThe Environmental Ministry has spent several years working on ways to reduce the energy usage of the church and parish house. All incandescent light bulbs have been replaced in the parish house with compact fluorescents. The lantern lights in the nave and narthex have been replaced with compact and globe-shaped fluorescents which are providing more light at 60% savings in energy cost. The compact fluorescents also release less heat thus reducing our air conditioning cost in the summertime.

Side walk rain garden:

Sidewalk Garden

Over the past two years we have worked closely with the Spa Creek Conservancy to secure funding from the Chesapeake Bay Trust for a Restoration Grant for our parish house. With it, we have installed bioretention cells (rain gardens), bioswales, a rain barrel and an in-ground foundation stormwater planter around the parish house. Barren strips of dirt along our parking lot, weeds along the side of the old rectory and a sad group of bushes along the front of the new building have been replaced with beautiful flower gardens and planters designed to capture rainwater coming from our gutters. The native species planted provide native wildlife habitat. This project has reduced the stormwater runoff from the parish house by 60% and we believe our showcase project demonstrates what can be done in small urban areas when environmentally conscience groups come together to restore our waterways.

Chesapeake Interfaith Environmental Group:

For some years we have sponsored an Earth Day event with a small group of faith institutions in the Annapolis area dedicated to celebrating the gifts of God’s creation. The group includes Catholic, Protestant, Jewish and Muslim faith institutions along with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and has moved the event from a local church to the Annapolis Towne Centre at Parole. The event has grown from prayers and speakers to include musical groups, demonstrations of environmental best practices, activities for children and adults, recycling of books and electronics, and much more.


We instituted recycling of weekly church bulletins by placing a box in the back of the church. During Lent, we provided a box for recycling eyeglasses and encouraged parishioners to continue to recycle their glasses. Another box recycles cell phones which go to the YWCA to be used by abused women. Watch The Great Pacific Garbage Patch on You Tube, it’s a real eye opener!

Spring Plant Sale:

Since 2011, we have held a Spring plant sale in the spring to help fund our ministry projects. Our plants come from the Horticultural Society of Annapolis which donates plants not sold at their Riva Farmers’ Market sale. In turn, we offer the plants to our parishioners for a donation.

What does the future hold?

We are exploring installing rain gardens at the churchyard. The downspouts are linked to underground pipes which conduct rain water from the roof onto the road at Church Circle. We would like to divert that water into gardens installed along the fence surrounding the church and install solar panels on the parish house roof. We continue to be actively involved with the Chesapeake Interfaith Environmental Group as they sponsor Earth Day festivals and other speakers and events that address issues that help us all become better stewards of God’s creations.