Easter Baskets to Feed the Hungry

Easter Basket Program

Too many people in our community have difficulty putting food on the table for themselves and their children.  How frightening it must be to wonder if you can feed your children and if you can stretch what’s in your cupboard until payday.  Hunger and worry are quiet catastrophes that consume the mind, the heart and hope.

The Easter Basket Program provides food and small gifts to local needy families the week before Easter.  Parishioners choose the size and type of family and fill plastic laundry baskets provided by St. Anne’s with food for breakfast, lunch and a traditional dinner on Easter Day.  Most parishioners also provide Easter gifts and toys for children who often have none.  Each basket contains a letter from the Rector and information about St. Anne’s.

This program answers God’s call to feed the hungry during the time of Christ’s Resurrection; spreads God’s Word; and shows that St. Anne’s cares for the human concerns of our community.  The program also benefits the donors through the joy of giving to those in need; as well as to those who receive the baskets.