For over a decade, St. Anne’s has supported a community in Guatemala in an intensive outreach ministry. Parishioners and friends of St. Anne’s visit Guatemala several times a year and work on multiple ongoing projects. Some of these projects include:



We support the education of the community with scholarships, school equipment and work on their facilities. In 2007, the first high school students in the community graduated with the help of scholarships from St. Anne’s.



We support ongoing training for all local midwives and health volunteers;
We have improved access to dental services and universal education about dental health and hygiene through a program to train local health training “graduates” in basic dental skills.



We are currently involved in several major infrastructure projects such as construction of a community building, repair of an unstable hillside adjacent to the public school, and funding installation of wood stoves for 50 families.

Opportunities to Get Involved

The Guatemala Mission needs involvement of parishioners in the leadership of the program to support the parishioners who currently oversee the partnership on behalf of St. Anne’s and travel to Guatemala at least annually. If you are interested in going to Guatemala yourself, contact Wayne or Linda Adamson to talk about the ministry further.