In celebration of their 10th anniversary, a cake was given to the founders of Naomi’s Village, along with the first 3 children, the first 3 babies (all grown up), a few senior staff, and staff who have been there since the beginning.



Naomi’s Village Kenya

Naomi’s Village is a holistic care organization that positively impacts every stage of life for the children they serve. Their all-Kenyan staff works together to bring change, hope, and redemption to children living full time at Naomi’s Village Home and also to children and families in the community they serve through education and community outreach.

Naomi’s Village is a children’s home, pre-school, and K-12 academy in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, raising the next generation of Kenyan leaders. Their mission is “to provide all that is necessary for every child we serve, at every age, so that they will grow up to be world-changers.”

Their vision is “to end Kenya’s generational poverty crisis and systemic corruption by equipping its children for compassionate and courageous leadership.” To that end their schools provide this transformative education not only to their own kids from the children’s home but also to the children in the surrounding community.

St. Anne’s relationship with Naomi’s Village Kenya began in 2019 after Founders Bob and Julie Mendonsa visited St. Anne’s and shared their inspiring story of their response to God’s call to Kenya. In response, many St. Anne’s members and others in Annapolis felt compelled to take action to sponsor over 50 children at Naomi’s Village and raise awareness in our community.

More information is provided below or for a more comprehensive look at their ministry, visit the Naomi’s Village website.

Learn More About Naomi's Village

The community children also live in Great Rift Valley specifically that portion surrounding the two truck stop towns of Maai Mahiu and Longonot. The families served typically live on an average of less than $2 per day, suffer from generational poverty, and have no access to a quality education for their children.

About this organization…

  • Founders Bob and Julie Mendonsa made extensive mission trips to the area for many years before moving their family to Kenya in 2009 where they continue to live today. Building Naomi’s Village from the ground up, they now serve in oversight roles, sitting on senior management teams at the Home and Cornerstone Academy, and both Kenya boards, as well as the US Board of Trustees. For details about their life’s work in response to God’s call, please visit the Naomi’s Village website.
  • There are five ministries that serve children from birth to young adulthood.
  • The organization is holistically driven, research-based and Kenyan-led.
  • Education includes character skills training, spiritual care and development, leadership training, vocational training, and family support programs.
  • Sponsors are able to select a child from the Naomi’s Village website and are permitted to have direct communication with them. Personal connection!

A Few Facts:

  • 345 Kenyan children in all ministries (89 live at the Naomi’s Village Children’s Home).
  • 167 paid staff
  • 267 volunteers served at Naomi’s Village in 2019
  • Sponsorship of children is the only source of funding for the operating budgets and may only be used for this purpose.
  • 2019 average sponsorship pledge per child was $55/month. 
  • 5 missionaries privately funded outside of the organization’s operating budgets
  • 507 children and adults are part of this organization.

Ways to be Involved

  • Pray for our friends in Kenya.
  • Join a prayer group for child sponsors from St. Anne’s, other interested parishioners, and other sponsors beyond the Circle in Annapolis.
  • Join a small group to communicate with Nicholas Ndirangu who is sponsored by our church.
  • Provide support for the annual child sponsorship drive.
  • Sponsor a child! For more information on sponsorship, click here.
  • Facilitate ways for small groups to sponsor a child together.
  • Connect with other St. Anne’s parishioners who are loving our youngest neighbors in Kenya.
  • Stay engaged by following Naomi’s Village on Facebook and Instagram.

For more information on becoming involved, contact Lori Marchant

St. Anne's Members Involved

There are 30+ St. Anne’s parishioners who are involved as child sponsors, one-time donors, missioners, or engaged in awareness-building at St. Anne’s and within the Annapolis community. In all, 29 children are sponsored by St. Anne’s parishioners, including Nicholas Ndirangu, age 10, who is sponsored by St. Anne’s. ​

How Can You Help?

Naomi’s Village is excited to announce a $100,000 matching donation to help Cornerstone and the community it serves to thrive and grow in 2021!

Your gift will help fund:

• A complete water system for 6,000 families (an estimated 30,000 people) without a consistent source of water: Total estimated need = $90,000
• Land acquisition for expanding community agriculture initiatives, job provision, training in farming techniques: Cost $12,000 per acre x 8 acres minimum = $96,000
• Purchase of a large tractor for use in farming, construction, local road repairs, rescue efforts during rainy season, etc. = $14,000

To support this community initiative:

Community Initiative

To change a life:

Sponsor a Child

Naomi’s Village Outreach Update

​Thanks to the St. Anne’s Outreach Committee in 2020, Naomi’s Village received a $2,500 grant. These funds are being used to sponsor 10-year old Nicholas Ndirangu who is currently a third grade student at Cornerstone Academy. Not only does Nicholas receive an outstanding education, character formation and spiritual care, but he also receives 12 meals and snacks each week, comprehensive medical care, transportation, uniforms, and other forms of community based support for his family. Because of our full sponsorship, Nicholas had all he needed to shine in 2020 despite coming from a home where his parents are legally blind from an industrial accident that occurred in 2012. He finished second grade with a 95% average and placed third in his class at school.

When the school was forced to close by the Kenyan government for several months in 2020, St. Anne’s gift to the COVID-19 Relief Fund provided additional funds for much-needed food and supplies, health services, social worker visits, and home academic support to Nicholas and other students who would otherwise have been left in great need during that period of time.

In you have interest in encouraging Nicholas by email, contact Please pray for his wellbeing, for his family of six, and for his knowledge of how much God loves him.

For a comprehensive understanding of this vibrant, fast-growing community, please visit the Naomi’s Village website or follow them on social media.

Communications Information:

Lay Leader: Lori Marchant, 443-994-5858,

Website & Social Media Information

For daily updates and pictures from Naomi’s Village and Cornerstone, visit their website here and follow them on social media via Facebook, or Instagram.