Outreach Opportunity: St. Anne’s Partnership with Naomi’s Village Kenya


What is Naomi’s Village and what is their mission?

Naomi’s Village is a children’s home, pre-school, and academy in Maai Mahiu, Kenya, raising the next generation of Kenyan leaders. Their mission is “to provide all that is necessary for every child we serve, at every age, so that they will grow up to be world-changers.”

Naomi’s Village vision:

The vision is to end Kenya’s generational poverty crisis and systemic corruption by equipping its children for compassionate and courageous leadership. To that end their schools provide this transformative education not only to their own kids from the children’s home but also to the kids in the surrounding community.

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Overview (cont’d)

What community is Naomi’s Village called to serve and what are their specific needs?

The orphaned children and the community children are served. The catchment area is in the Great Rift Valley specifically that portion surrounding the two truck stop towns of Maai Mahiu and Longonot. The families served typically live on an average of less than $2 per day, suffer from generational poverty, and have no access to a quality education for their children.

The families of the community children have a covenant relationship with Naomi’s Village.Cornerstone’s staff includes certified Kenyan teachers, three full time social workers, two missionaries dedicated to community development work, a full time nurse, and a full time youth pastor.

What’s different about this organization?

​1) Founders Bob (orthopedic surgeon) and Julie Mendonsa (educator) traveled on mission trips for five years before moving their family to Kenya in 2008. They continue to live there full time. They serve in oversight roles, sitting on senior managements teams and both Kenya boards, as well as the US Board of Trustees.

2) Once fully implemented the ministries will impact pregnant mothers and newborns to young adulthood.

3) An endowment fund has been established to provide additional post high school education as well as seed money for the children to begin their own businesses and social impact ministries like Naomi’s Village.

4) The children are being raised and educated by Kenyans.

5) Education includes character skills training, spiritual care and development, leadership training, vocational training, and family support programs.

6) Measured results: Children undergo quarterly standardized academic testing and are compared with students across Kenya. Nutritional status tracked and recorded.

7) Sponsors are able to select a child from their website and are permitted to have direct communication with them. Videos of the child are made as sponsor communications are read to them/small gifts received; sponsors receive these video clips via email! Skype/FaceTime opportunities. Personal connection!


  • 89 double orphans’ lives have been saved and redeemed by the power of love through the Holy Spirit in their homecoming to Naomi’s Village (opened Jan 2011)
  • 90+ children attend LEAP preschool (opened 2017) ages 3-5
  • 245 students (180 community families) attend Cornerstone (new campus opened 2016) K-12
  • MTOTO Early Childhood Development Program (begun 2019) birth to age 5
  • Five year strategic plan calls for 1000 students at capacity
  • 140 Kenyans are employed by Naomi’s Village
  • 5 missionaries privately funded outside of the organization’s operating budgets
  • 267 volunteers served at Naomi’s Village in 2019
  • Sponsorship of children is the only source of funding for the operating budgets and may only be used for this purpose.
  • 2019 average sponsorship pledge per child was $55/month. Any amount is gratefully received.

Why engage with Naomi’s Village?

            • Embodies a mission of love and empowerment
            • Addresses humanitarian needs in an underserved area of rural Kenya in a country known for corruption and lack of systemic supports
            • Direct involvement of St. Anne’s parishioners
            • Demonstrated record of success via measured educational and nutritional outcomes
            • Support of education rooted in Christian values and education, character skills training, and leadership training
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Why create St. Anne’s Partnership with Naomi’s Village?

  • St. Anne’s community members have been directly involved demonstrating support through child sponsorship, one time financial donations, mission gifts, and hands on support for the ministry through awareness building at St. Anne’s and in the larger community beyond the Circle. Discernment through organic growth, evidence of evangelizing through invitation.
  • Their mission and vision is comprehensive and aligned with our Baptismal Covenant “to seek and serve Christ in all persons, loving your neighbor as yourself” and to “strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being.”
  • As followers of Jesus, we encounter Christ both as conduit and recipient of His love through direct personal connection with others including orphans, the poor, and the oppressed beyond our own borders. Rooting ourselves in the Gospel. “Love one another as I have loved you.”
  • Deepening and relying on prayer both individually and corporately as we seek God’s direction in how best to love our neighbors as ourselves for the sake of our precious young friends and their families known to us in Kenya.
  • Witnessing through relationship how our Kenyan friends live at the edge of their faith and meeting them in that sacred place.
  • Seeing God’s mighty hand at work at Naomi’s Village bringing this good work to fruition for His glory. Journeying with and supporting this faithful community who listens for God and acts according to His will. Building up the Kingdom through this rapidly growing ministry that reaches a broad spectrum of people in the Great Rift Valley.
  • Providing an opportunity for child sponsors to travel to Kenya to bring their needed skills, gifts, and talents to the Naomi’s Village ministries in response to the organization’s expressed needs. This global mission invites us to intimately engage with the people of this Kenyan community. Missioners traveling to Kenya are child sponsors who have a specific way to serve at Naomi’s Village. Ministry supporters beyond the Circle participate in the same ways, serving alongside St. Anne’s volunteers. There is an incredible spiritual and emotional connection that occurs when meeting your child’s family in their home. Life stories are told. Prayer is shared. Life bonds are created. Commitments to pray for God’s continued blessing for one another and to support the family are made. It is sacred and life changing for the parents (usually single mothers) and the missioner.

Proposed Partnership Engagement:

  • Create prayer group to meet regularly to pray for our friends in Kenya as their prayer needs are made known to us.
  • Gather presently established small group to lead discernment on how to respond to the needs as expressed by Naomi’s Village. Current small group includes Heather Strang, Townsend McNitt, Brianna Creed, Kimberley Jillson, Lynn Thonnard.
  • Create a prayer group for child sponsors from St. Anne’s, other interested parishioners, and other sponsors beyond the Circle. Organic growth.
  • Create small group to communicate with Nicholas Ndirangu who is sponsored by the church via the Outreach grant
  • Schedule once annual forum with updates on what is happening at Naomi’s Village; guest speaker from Naomi’s Village
  • Annual child sponsorship drive: encourage parishioners to personally sponsor children, to provide monthly financial support and ongoing prayer, and for those who are able additional relational and spiritual support through direct communication with the sponsored child. Facilitate ways for small groups to sponsor a child together.
  • Form a small group to determine how we as a parish may respond to other financial and spiritual needs of Naomi’s Village, as they are made known.
  • Outreach mission travel for child sponsors: to meet the children and their families (community families). Opportunity to respond to the needs of Naomi’s Village on the ground in Kenya, sharing our talents and skills, as well as any gifts which we send with a mission team.

St. Anne’s Members Involved

The following members are sponsors of children, one time donors, missioners, and those engaged in awareness building at St. Anne’s and within the Annapolis community. In all, 26 children are sponsored by St. Anne’s parishioners and an additional sponsorship of Nicholas Ndirangu, age 7, is being fully sponsored for one year through the $2,500 grant from St. Anne’s Outreach Committee (2020). ​


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Members Involved:

  • Milford and Lori Marchant
  • Doug and Townsend McNitt
  • Dave and Heather Strang
  • Lynn Thonnard
  • Jim and Deede Rivers
  • Dave and Carol Leach
  • Lesly Bell
  • Paige Ferguson
  • Vollie and Maggie Melson
  • Caroline Purdy
  • Lisa Renfro
  • Brianna Creed
  • Doug and Elizabeth Kinney
  • Janice Jobson
  • Carol Weymer
  • John and Sue Smith
  • Manoj Zacharia
  • Petey Cosby
  • Chip and Gail Tucker
  • Wayne and Linda Adamson
  • Richard and Anne Thomas
  • Howard and Mary
  • Carolyn Houck
  • Kathie Anderson
  • Judy Olson
  • Karen Walsh
  • Brooke Lucas
  • Grace Lucas
  • Unnamed others


Naomi’s Village Outreach

​Thanks to the Outreach Committee Naomi’s Village has received a $2,500 grant from St. Anne’s! These funds are being used to sponsor Nicholas Ndirangu (age 7) who is a first grade student at Cornerstone Academy. One of five ministries of Naomi’s Village, the school serves 180 poor families in the area as well as the school aged children from Naomi’s Village Children’s Home (89 children). Not only does Nicholas receive an outstanding education, character formation and spiritual care, but he also receives 12 meals and snacks each week, comprehensive medical care, transportation, uniforms, and other forms of community based support for his family.

Watch for ways you may communicate with Nicholas by email and snail mail. If you have interest in encouraging him in this way, contact lorimarchant2011@gmail.com. This will be possible once schools reopen in Kenya. Please pray for his wellbeing, for his family of six, and that he would know how much God loves him.

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Outreach (Con’t)

With regard to COVID-19 The nurses and social workers from Cornerstone and Naomi’s Village have been providing hands on education to all in the area to prepare for the inevitable arrival of the virus. The focus has been prevention, preparation, and response measures not only for the 140 Kenyan staff at the schools and children’s home, but also for the 180 families who have children in the schools and dozens of community leaders. They bused them to Cornerstone in socially distanced small groups and sent the poor home with 6 weeks of food, sanitizer, soap, cleaning products, face masks, flyers with instructions for their neighbors…and schoolwork for the children. Kenyan schools are closed, and Nairobi is completely shutdown.  There is no way in and no way out. There have been two more community outreach days since the initial one in late March. It costs $6 per week/$18 for a three week distribution of food for a community family. They have asked us to pray that the communities of the Great Rift Valley in which they serve will not be put on lockdown. With the children out of school and at home all day, there is additional stress and more sexual violence in Kenya. If there is a shutdown, they end up without food and water unless there is contingency planning to support them. This is why they are working on contingency planning.

For those interested in supporting these needs, consider making a donation. And please pray for them!

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Naomi’s Village Flood Relief Fund


Prayer Requests:

Founders Bob and Julie at Naomi’s Village have specifically asked for our prayers during this time of COVID-19 and the fallout from the serious May flooding at Naomi’s Village. Please read their specific prayer requests below.

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Requesting Prayers for: 

  • For all at Naomi’s Village, their neighbors, and all who are impacted by the floods in their area
  • For relief from eight months of rain
  • For continued work on their contingency planning for the community families (Naomi’s Village is their safety net)
  • Donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund
  • Donations to the Naomi’s Village Flood Relief Fund
  • For the families, staff, students, and wider community, for Julie and Bob and their own adult children and elderly parents in the U.S.

THANKSGIVINGS: The recent Homecoming celebration for three month old baby Peter who came home to Naomi’s Village during the week of the flood-redemptive love and joy in the midst of suffering! Children & staff who are safe and healthy; no damage to the Home; passable roads to Naomi’s Village; sunny days for cleanup and repair; hardworking staff and children involved in cleanup; this week’s COVID-19 community outreach for provision and delivery of 3 week supply of food and supplies; social worker visits; no known cases of coronavirus in the valley; improved relationships and cooperation with neighbors and the community elders in the NV neighborhood; God’s grace experienced in the neighborhood community as a result of their shared suffering and loss. For each of the sponsors who make all of this work possible.

Communications Information:

Lay Leader: Lori Marchant, 443-994-5858, lorimarchant2011@gmail.com

Lay Support for new ministry: Heather Strang, Townsend McNitt, Lynn Thonnard, Brianna Creed, Kimberley Jillson

Website & Social Media Information

For daily updates and pictures from Naomi’s Village and Cornerstone, visit their website here and follow them on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

How Can You Help?

Immediate needs of Naomi’s Village include Donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund and Donations to the Naomi’s Village Flood Relief Fund.

The latter request has been made this past week in response to the recent extensive flood damage to one third of the Naomi’s Village property. LEAP Preschool needs repair prior to the children returning to school post COVID-19 as do the grounds including vegetable gardens, playground, steel fencing, water lines, additional flood mitigation work, etc.

For those interested in supporting Naomi’s Village, please consider making a donation using the link buttons below. Thank you!

COVID-19 Relief Fund

Naomi’s Village Flood Relief Fund