St. Anne’s Vestry

The governing board of an Episcopal parish.

Below is a list St. Anne’s Vestry members with their email address, and the ministries to which they are liaisons. * = Executive Committee

Vestry Members

Mark Grimes*, Senior Warden,
IT Committee

Jason Houser*, Junior Warden,

Katherine Hilton*, Registrar,
Music, Nominating Committee, Worship

Susan Thaxton*, Treasurer,

Linda Adamson
Cemetery, Nominating Committee, PASA

Thea Chimento

Alvin Collins
By-laws, Pastoral Care, Facilities

Betty Creighton

Carrie Dana-Evans
Christian Formation for Children

Kevin Hays

David Huggins
Investment Committee, Stewardship, Personnel

Sharon McElfish

Townsend McNitt

Sarah Morse

Paul Pope

Diocesan Delegates

  • Ginger DeLuca, Heather Strang, Judy Templeton and Pete Thompson

Diocesan Alternates

  • Nancy Bayers, Katie Burke, Lauren Dana-Evans and Courtney Spikes

Nominating Committee

  • Paul Pope
  • Betty Creighton
  • Kevin Hays
  • Vollie Melson
  • Judy Olson