Weddings at St. Anne's Episcopal Church


We are delighted that you are considering being married at St. Anne’s Church. We have developed this guide to help you understand the meaning of marriage in the Episcopal Church and our practices at St. Anne’s.

If you are interested in having your wedding at St. Anne’s, we invite you to fill out the Wedding Information Form. After you submit the form, someone from the parish office will contact you.

Blessings and joy to you as you plan for your wedding and marriage!

What is Marriage?

In the Episcopal Church, we believe that marriage is a life-long union. In the marriage service, two people make their vows before God and the Church, and receive the grace and blessing of God to help them fulfill their vows.

One of the requirements for being married in the Episcopal Church is to state your intention to enter into marriage.  The Declaration of Intention is signed to fulfill this requirement.

Wedding Guide

Who may be married at St. Anne’s Church?

The Episcopal Church requires that at least one member be a baptized Christian; that the ceremony be attested by at least two witnesses; and that the marriage conform to the laws of the State and the canons of this Church.

Divorced persons, with the permission of the Bishop of Maryland, may be remarried in the Episcopal Church. If one or both of you have been divorced, please make this known in your first conversation with the clergy because an application must be made to our bishop.

Who may officiate?

Usually, one of the priests associated with St. Anne’s is the officiant at St. Anne’s weddings.  Other Christian clergy, may participate in the service when deemed appropriate by the rector of St. Anne’s.

What wedding service will be used?

Weddings will be conducted according to The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage.

When can our wedding take place?

Weddings are usually on Saturdays and rehearsals are usually on Fridays. We do not celebrate weddings during Advent, Lent or Holy Week (the six weeks leading up to Easter Sunday). We do not schedule weddings later than 3:30 PM. Please do not decide on or publicize any dates before you have received confirmation from the parish office.

All weddings and rehearsals begin promptly at the appointed hour. If the persons to be married are more than fifteen minutes late, the wedding will not proceed, but the couple is expected to pay all fees. Parking and traffic can be difficult in Annapolis. Please plan ahead.

The church building will be available to you one hour prior to your wedding and thirty minutes after the service for photographs.

How much time should we plan for the rehearsal and wedding?

The rehearsal takes approximately one hour and is an important part of preparing for your wedding service. Everyone involved in the wedding party, ushers, and readers should all plan to participate. Rehearsals are usually scheduled for the day before your wedding at 4:00 PM. Please confirm your rehearsal time with clergy at your first meeting.

The wedding will take approximately 30-45 minutes, depending upon whether or not the Holy Eucharist is part of your service and how many guests will receive Communion.

Preparation for Marriage at St. Anne’s

All couples are required to participate in premarital preparation in order to be married at St. Anne’s. Preparation includes:

  • Mandatory participation in one of our Marriage Preparation Workshops.
    • The workshop gives you the opportunity to:
      • Clarify the assumptions and expectations one partner has of the other in marriage;
      • Participate in the Prepare/Enrich Assessment
      • Examine the spiritual foundation of marriage that supports life-long unions; and
      • Learn how stress management and conflict management can facilitate mutual growth and support.
    • Couples working in informal groups stimulate thinking, enlarge perspectives, and provide support and affirmation for one another in the sessions. There will be time reserved for couples to have private discussions as well.
    • Approximately one month before the workshop, you will receive instructions for completion of materials prior to the workshop.
  • Meeting with your clergy officiant to follow up on your premarital workshop experience.

Music for Weddings

All music for weddings is scheduled by our organist, Carolene Winter. She should be contacted at least six weeks in advance of the wedding at or to plan the music and to discuss the inclusion of other musicians if desired. Please see our music policy. We do not allow non-sacred music (for example, Here Comes the Bride may not be used). If Carolene Winter is not available, she will direct you to our policies about guest organists at St. Anne’s Church.

Readings for Weddings

Readings used during the service come from Holy Scripture.  Suggested readings can be found within The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage.


A wedding is a worship service and we want all participants to be able to be fully present to the events of the service. Photographs can be an important part of the memories and documentation of your wedding, but must not detract from the experience of the wedding party, guests, officiant and staff at your wedding.

Video photography is allowed from the organ balcony and must not interfere with the musician(s).

Flash photography by your photographer or guests is not allowed during the service, but may be used during the processional and recessional. Professional photographers must keep behind the row of guests seated closest to the entrance to the church so as not to block guests’ views.

Photographs may be taken in the church after the ceremony, but please remember that you are limited to thirty minutes after the service has ended. It is your responsibility to make your official photographer aware of our policies. We welcome photographers to call with questions or to arrange to see the worship space ahead of time to help them in their planning.


Arrangements for flowers must be made through St. Anne’s Flower Guild.

Marriage License

A marriage license must be obtained from the Anne Arundel County Courthouse and presented to the clergy in order for you to be married at St. Anne’s Church. Please call the Anne Arundel County Courthouse at 410-222-1397 or visit their website for more information. The license must be brought with you to your wedding rehearsal.

Conduct at your Rehearsal and Wedding

The marriage service is first and foremost a worship service, offering praise to God and blessings and prayers for the couple. It is intended to be a joyous and meaningful occasion.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on the premises of St. Anne’s. You are responsible for explaining that any consumption of alcoholic beverages or use of intoxicants prior to coming to church will result in our not being able to go forward with the wedding service.

Service Bulletins/Programs

We are happy to provide prototype bulletins and covers for your service. You are responsible for making copies. While it can be nice to have a bulletin, it is not necessary. If you choose to make one, you need to show it to the officiant for approval and proof-reading before you make copies. Please contact the parish office for more information.

Rice, Birdseed, Flower Petals, Confetti, Balloons, etc.

All of these are prohibited before, during, and after the wedding, inside and outside the church building.

Aisle Runners

Aisle runners may not be used at St. Anne’s.

Renewal of Vows and Blessings of Civil Ceremonies

We welcome both kinds of services at St. Anne’s. Please contact the parish office for more information about these services.

We have read these materials and wish to start preparing for marriage at St. Anne’s Church. What do we do next?

Wedding Timeline Checklist

Wedding Timeline Checklist

1. Read the Wedding Guide above
2. Fill out Wedding Information Form
3. Schedule and confirm wedding date and time with the parish office
4. Fill out the Declaration of Intention
5. Contact and/or meet with clergy person officiating your wedding
6. Contact and/or meet with Brenda Jackson (, Wedding Team Coordinator
7. Contact and/or meet with Carolene Winter (, Organist
8. Draft and send copy of wedding bulletin to officiating clergy person and organist for proof reading
9. Obtain marriage license and pay remaining fees at least 30 days prior to your wedding date

Christian Marriage Workshop
2019 Workshop Dates

February 22 (Saturday) 9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM Parish House (Room 102)
February 23 (Sunday) 9:30 AM – Worship Service (Church)

October 10 (Saturday) 9:00 AM  – 4:00 PM Parish House (Room 102)
October 11 (Sunday) 9:30 AM – Worship Service (Church)


Wedding Information Form
What Does it Cost to Have a Wedding at St. Anne’s Church?

Please read the descriptions below to see which category best fits you. All costs include use of the church, flowers, organist, clergy and sexton. The deposit (if applicable) and Marriage Workshop fee are due as soon as your wedding date has been confirmed.  All remaining fees are due 30 days prior to your wedding date.  Please make checks payable to St. Anne’s and mail to the parish office Attn. Kirsten Hair.

Pledging Member of St. Anne’s – We are (or one of us is; or my parents are) members of St. Anne’s and have made a pledge of financial support for the ministries of St. Anne’s within the past twelve months, prior to requesting our wedding.

Non-refundable Deposit: N/A

Premarital Workshop: $200

Wedding Fee: $800

We are (or one of us is) Active Military Duty, Deployable Reserve or a First Responder  In recognition of your service, St. Anne’s wants to extend the same offer to you that we do to our members.

Non-refundable Deposit: $500

Premarital Workshop: $200

Wedding Fee: $800

Non-Member – We do not plan to join St. Anne’s, or we do not live in this area, or we belong to another church outside of the Annapolis area, but we wish to be married at St. Anne’s Church.

*Non-refundable Deposit: $2,000

Premarital Workshop: $200

Wedding Fee: $3,800

*Although the deposit is non-refundable, there will be an allowance of one change of date within one year of the scheduled wedding.