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  Our call at St. Anne’s is to Enlarge the circle in order to reflect the love of Christ by Building, Engaging, Evangelizing, and Forming Disciples.



Clergy Epistle

Beloved in Christ,
In an article in the Washington Post titled “BibleGateway Searches trend toward politics, end times, and the pandemic,” Emily McFarlan Miller quotes Jonathan Petersen, of the Bible Gateway, a resource for searching through the Bible,  “people were trying to find answers in situations that are difficult.”  The top word searches on the website were the usual – “love” and “peace.” However, the biggest surprise was the fact that the word “hope” moved up to #3 on the list…Petersen continues, “you could say people are looking for hope more this year than they have in the previous few years.”


We are looking for hope this year…

In the midst of fatigue, frustrated, fearful, and, at the same time, looking towards a new future. We are looking for hope this year…

In his Works of Love, Philosopher and Theologian Soren Kierkegaard wrote:

“When the eternal comes into contact with the temporal or the present, it becomes the ‘future’ or “the possible.” (Works of Love, p.201)

Kierkegaard’s reflection points us to a significant truth that is revealed in scripture today. The first chapter of Mark is about a “new beginning” – hope for the future. In Jesus Christ, the Eternal came in contact with the temporal in order to begin the work of re-creation; The establishment of a Kingdom that radiates hope amidst what is bleak.

We are all looking for hope this year…

And we have been given possibility…

“When the eternal comes into contact with the temporal or the present, it becomes the ‘future’ or “the possible.” The work of the Holy Spirit is that of creation and re-creation. In the words of Bryan Stevenson, author of the book, Just Mercy, “hope is humanity’s superpower.” If our call as disciples of Jesus is to proclaim through word and deep the hope of Christ’s birth, ministry, death, and resurrection, what part are you willing to play once you come out of exile? Restoration necessitates the action of humans to discern the will of God and to work towards the defeat of all forces that negate life. What will be your part in offering hope to a world, a nation, a city that so desperately is searching? May this prayer by Theodore Parker Ferris keep us focused on hope:

“Our lives are not always easy, O God, and we ask for strength to meet the difficult things that the days may bring to us. Open our eyes to the shining things that lie ahead of us. Help us to put the part behind us, and pour all our energies into the race that lies before us, keeping our eyes always steadfastly on him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Amen.


With love and prayer,
The Rev. Manoj Mathew Zacharia, Ph.D.

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Advent and Christmas at St. Anne’s

For more details on the events listed in this schedule, please click here.


Christmas Memorial Flowers


Covid has necessarily affected many of our Christmas traditions at St. Anne’s, but we still want to offer our parishioners the opportunity for Christmas Memorial Flowers. As usual, you can make a donation in memory of loved ones or in honor of someone special and their names will be listed in the Christmas bulletins. There are a couple of ways to submit your request:
  1. Set up a donation through our on-line donation platform, Vanco, and select Christmas Memorial Flowers. At setup, you will be given the opportunity to list the names you wish to memorialize or honor. Or, you can email your list to Kirsten Hair. Click here to access the donation page.
  2. Mail a note and check to Kirsten Hair, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 199 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. Include the names of the people you would like to memorialize or honor. Be sure to add your name and contact information.
If you sent in a list of names for Easter Memorial Flowers, those names will automatically be included. If you have any questions or need more information, please email Kirsten Hair at
The deadline to receive your requests is December 18, 2020.
Stewardship 2021 – Together, We Thrive

Our 2021 Stewardship Campaign has begun: Together, We Thrive.
As you prayerfully consider your commitment to St. Anne’s during this campaign, please remember that a personal pledge of support for 2021 is a meaningful reflection of your shared belief in and hope for our future during these trying times when Christ’s message is needed most!
Please click here to pledge. Every gift ensures that Together, We Thrive. We cannot fully succeed without you.
Stephen Ministry Telecare: How Can It Help Me and How Does it Work During the Days of COVID-19?

With isolation and worry caused by Covid-19 it helps to talk to someone who listens without judgment or advice, a compassionate ear and heart, someone who really hears what one is saying, thinking and feeling.  Please know that St. Anne’s Stephen Ministers have continued to faithfully meet with their Care Receivers by phone each week to give emotional and spiritual support to those in need.

But you may ask: How does that work? And you may have other important questions. 

Stephen Ministry Nuts and Bolts

  • How do I enquire confidentially if Stephen Ministry is right for me? You can call clergy members or any Stephen Leader and they will explain in detail how it works.  You can ask all your questions to help you understand if Stephen Ministry is right for you.If you decide you would like to try it, the Stephen Leader will match you with a Stephen Minister:  matching gender: women to women and men to men.Next your Stephen Minister will contact you to arrange a first visit where he or she will answer any further questions you may have.  From there, the schedule is set up for mutually agreed on weekly one- hour call visits.  Your relationship with your Care Receiver remains confidential during and after your relationship ends.
  • How long do I meet with my Care Receiver? Typically, the process lasts one year, but it can vary for each person. You can end the process whenever you want.
  • What qualities do Stephen Ministers bring to Telecare?  Caring by phone is guided by the Stephen Ministry Compass pictured above: The points are Faith, Skill. Compassion, Trustworthiness, all centered in Christ. Stephen Ministers commit to follow each point of the compass when they sign their commitment to the church which is cosigned by our Rector Father Manoj.
  • What contact information do I need? Stephen Leaders: Patricia Jennings: 203-313-4665; The Rev. John Smith: 443-454-5648; Sue Smith : 443-764-3206; Hearon Dickson: 919-270-1683 ;Fran Lukens: 410-353-4752.  You can call the clergy directly.  Check the website for more information under Pastoral Care

The Apostle Paul had a lot of care receivers, Paul bemoaned the fact that he had to be away from those for whom he cared so deeply.  He prayed for them and thanked God for them.  The tool he used to replace being in person was letter writing

What would Paul have given for a telephone!  Thank God we have this caring tool!

Worship with St. Anne’s Online 

Especially in these times, let us continue to unite ourselves with others to acknowledge the holiness of God, to hear God’s Word, to offer prayer, and to celebrate the sacraments (Book of Common Prayer, 857).
Sunday – 9:30AM – Holy Eucharist, Rite II
A digital offering livestreamed on St. Anne’s YouTube channel to the comfort of your home. This service is a full Eucharistic service with organ music and cantor, professionally produced in order that we might perfect the praises we offer to God through this artistic means.
Church Open for Silent Prayer
The Church is now open for silent prayer Monday through Thursday from 12:00-1:00PM. We ask that you please sign in and use hand sanitizer when you enter the Church. Please wear your mask and practice social distancing at all times.  
Virtual Worship
In these extraordinary times, we are excited to continue worshiping together virtually! Our Sunday morning 9:30 service, Holy Week services and Daily Evening Prayer are just some of the virtual offerings at St. Anne’s. For more information on these services, click here.  
Pastoral Care at St. Anne’s
Prayer List
Hello, God’s People — We will be starting a new prayer list on November 29th as we usher in the season of Advent. As before, we will be listing people for four weeks, or for as long as prayer is needed. This will help us to be in prayer with each other in our sorrows and joys. If you would like to add someone to the list, please let us know. As St. Paul wrote to Timothy: “I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions and thanksgivings be made for all.” — Father Dion
Prayer Letter
Our weekly prayer letter gives you a chance to mention by name those who have asked for our prayers. Copies are available for you to take home and include in your daily devotions. Patricia Spencer coordinates this effort and would love to hear from you if you have questions or concerns. You can reach her at 301-751-0555, or
For more information on Pastoral Care, click here.
The Community Action Agency
Please click here for the latest newsletter from The Community Action Agency.
For information on assistance for paying energy and fuel bills, please click here; or here for Spanish version.
Anne Arundel County Department of Aging & Disabilities

The Caregiver’s Voice
 A Newsletter Specifically for People Caring for Family, Friends, & Neighbors

The Caregivers’ Voice is a quarterly publication of the AA County Department of Aging and Disabilities’ National Family Caregiver Support Program. Contact us at: (410) 222-4336/4339 or at Caregiver Support.

Click here for the 2020 Support Group Schedule.

Click here for the latest version of Caregiver News and Updates.

Women’s Retreat


Grants Committee


The St. Anne’s Grants Committee is pleased to announce that we will award grants in 2021 to organizations in accordance our established guidelines. Outreach is one of the ways St. Anne’s lives out Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors, in both Annapolis and around the world. Bearing witness to Christ’s compassion, the St. Anne’s Grants Committee awards grants to organizations and ministries that seek to build understanding, help those in need, and expand a message of love in the world. Organizations who share these goals can request a grant not to exceed $5,000. Preference is given to organizations meeting needs locally with involvement of St. Anne’s parishioners.
If you know of an organization that might benefit please let them know about our grant application, which is available here or on the St. Anne’s website. If the organization believes its mission complies with the criteria listed on the application form, please encourage them to apply before February 1, 2021. For more information, please contact Petey Cosby or Judy Guy
Women’s Retreat


Prayer for the Week

Almighty God, You are the only source of health and healing. In You there is calm,
and the only true peace in the universe. Grant to each one of us Your children awareness
of Your presence, and give us perfect confidence in You. In all pain and weariness and anxiety teach us to yield ourselves to Your never failing care, knowing that Your love and power surround us, trusting in Your wisdom and providence to give us health and strength and peace when Your time is best; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Volunteer Opportunities for The Light House

Family Cooking for The Light House

All are welcome to gather with friends you may be missing and to meet new friends as we prepare dinner for the Lighthouse Shelter. Join with us remotely on Zoom as we cook for our neighbors on Sunday, December 20 and/or January 17 from 3:00 – 4:30 PM. If joining at that time is not possible, we may cook independently as well. Each of us will cook a portion of the meal, chill it overnight and deliver it to the Lighthouse on Monday. To learn more, contact Heather and Dave Strang at 443-995-3820 or for more information.

Cooking for The Light House 

St Anne’s parishioners provide the evening meal at the Light House the first Wednesday of every month. We select recipes from the Light House cook booklet, cook the items at home and deliver them cold to the Light House by 5:00 PM.
Our next meal will be Wednesday, January 6. We need 2 people to donate a small ham, 5-7 pounds, cooked and sliced; three volunteers to make a pan of baked beans; 4 dozen dinner rolls; salad; 2 pans of apple crisp and 2 or 3 cans of whipped topping. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, contact Nancy Greeley at 410-224-2975.


Women’s Retreat


Sycamore Tree
Our children’s worship service has a new look! Check it out! Families lead us in the reading and prayers, while Kristin Pagent and Ken Kimble lift our hearts in song from St. Anne’s sanctuary, and Connie Saeger-Proctor shares a lesson. Now professionally produced by our Sunday morning technology team to amplify our praises to God (yay!) Pray with us this week! Advent services for children are virtually offered each Sunday during Advent. Special children’s learning activity sheets are available every Sunday. The Sycamore Tree is premiered at 2:30.Watch Sycamore Tree here.
Advent Evenings

Join us via Zoom December 16 and 23 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM for “The Canticles.”  The Canticles are prayers in the Book of Common Prayer, and are used to prepare to receive the incarnate Lord on Christmas. It is our prayer that you will find these Advent Evenings meaningful. Our December 16 class is on The Song of Simeon – Nunc Dimittis and will be led by Alyssa Pasternak Post.

Need some fellowship? Beginning at 6:30 PM, just prior to the forum, there will be time for socializing. Use the Zoom link above to join.

Please visit our website here for more information on these special nights.

Mid-Week Wednesday Morning Prayer and Scripture Study
Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the Sunday lessons? Perhaps, after reading the lessons, you have asked yourself, “what about the text” is the preacher not saying? Maybe you have wanted to be part of a group that studies and reflects upon scripture at a deeper level. Please join us over ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Scripture Study based on Sunday’s lectionary propers. The sessions will be led by a member of the ministerial team at St. Anne’s. We will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM  and then head into the study of scripture using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. The lessons can be found here. We will be using Track 1.
Centering Prayer Group Moves to Zoom!

Our Centering Prayer group is now gathering together via Zoom and you all are welcome to join us the first and third Tuesdays of the month 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  If you are new to Zoom, I will walk you through how to join for free and meet with us.  The source of Centering Prayer is the indwelling Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The focus of Centering Prayer is the deepening of our relationship with the living Christ.  It builds communities of faith and bonds the members together in mutual friendship and love. Please email me if you’d like to join us: