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  Our call at St. Anne’s is to Enlarge the circle in order to reflect the love of Christ by Building, Engaging, Evangelizing, and Forming Disciples.



Clergy Epistle

Beloved in Christ,

God has given us a period of time for introspection and penitence. The foundations of Lent are prayer, fasting, and acts of mercy.   In a sermon from 450 AD, Peter Chrysologus, Bishop of Ravenna wrote: “Prayer, mercy, and fasting give life to each other.”

Our prayer life is an expression of gratitude for the mercy of God and calls us to be merciful to others.  Such an extension of mercy is fasting – abstaining from a reactive form of justice in order to embrace a justice rooted love and concern based on the sacrificial love of Christ.  In order to re-orient ourselves towards this form of justice, we need to spend time focusing on spiritual disciplines. As Chrsyologus notes, “fasting bears no fruit unless it is watered by mercy. Fasting dries up when mercy dries up. Mercy is to fasting as rain is to the earth. However much you may cultivate your heart, clear the soil of your nature, root out vices, sow virtues. If you do not release the springs of mercy, your fasting will bear no fruit.”

Today, I share with you parts of a homework assignment that I received from my friend The Rev. Mark Anschutz. It is my prayer that you will find this assignment helpful and appropriate it according to your needs so that you can re-orient yourselves in cultivating the fruits of the Holy Spirit as you contribute to rebuilding our church and nation.

What fresh provision will you make to better care for your body in this season?

What broken relationships in your life will you seek to heal?

Of whom will you ask forgiveness?

Who will you forgive?

What sacrifices will you make to render greater care to those suffering from some form of poverty?

What source of daily Lenten meditation will be added to your life this season?

What plan of study will you engage in during this season to further enrich your understanding of the Christian faith?

It may sound old fashioned, but what are you willing to give up in this season?  This does have benefit!

In Lent, 2021

Fast from judging others;
Feast on Christ dwelling in them.
Fast from illness;
Feast on the healing power of God.
Fast from words that pollute;
Feast on speech that purifies;
Fast from discontent;
Feast on gratitude.
Fast from anger;
Feast on patience.
Fast from pessimism;
Feast on optimism.
Fast from negatives;
Feast on alternatives.
Fast from bitterness;
Feast on forgiveness.
Fast from self concern;
Feast on compassion.
Fast from gossip.
Feast on purposeful silence.
Fast from problems that overwhelm;
Feast on prayer that sustains.
Fast from worry;
Feast on faith.

Your servant in Christ,
Fr. Manoj


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Online Contributions
Happy New Year! If you made your 2020 contributions through our online donation provider, Vanco, you will need to update your transactions for 2021.  Please login to Vanco here to make these changes. Your user name is your email address and your password is something you would have set up.  If you have any questions or need assistance with updating your transactions, please contact Kirsten Hair at  Thank you for your continued support of St. Anne’s.
Women’s Retreat


Simple Lenten Practices

Sign up to receive one small, simple Lenten practice each day 
Traditionally Lent is a time we give something up to allow God to fill the empty spaces. Because of COVID, this year is different and many of us already feel loss. In light of this, let’s simplify our Lenten practice together in small, nourishing ways. By adding your email HERE, you will receive one simple Lenten practice for each day of Lent.
Parents Gathering

Parents’ Gathering meets again next Thursday February 25. Please spread the word and invite others. We welcome your involvement. Our community of parents and caregivers is organic in nature and we encourage everyone to come as they are. We follow a very simple format, starting promptly at 8:00pm and ending at 9:00pm every other Thursday.
Please RSVP to Kimberly ( or Brie ( to attend the up-coming session. You can always join us at the last minute, but it helps us with planning to know who is coming ahead of time.
Being Sanctuary Retreat

The Retreat House at Hillsboro offers a retreat Being Sanctuary, via Zoom lead by St. Anne’s parishioner Heather Strang. Join in this mid-winter pause as we anticipate beginning again in our world. In this Wisdom Circle, we will share in holy listening, and invite a space to hear the sacred rumblings that we each bring. Read more here. 
Women’s Retreat


Prayer for the Week

Penitential Prayer of St. Augustine

O Lord, The house of my soul is narrow; enlarge it that you may enter in. It is ruinous, O repair it! It displeases Your sight. I confess it, I know. But who shall cleanse it, to whom shall I cry but to you? Cleanse me from my secret faults, O Lord, and spare Your servant from strange sins.

St. Augustine of Hippo (AD 354-430)

Cooking for the Lighthouse 

All are welcome as we prepare dinner together for our neighbors at the Light House on the third Monday of each month. Our group welcomes families of all kinds – individuals, families with children, grand parents, and teens!
Thank you to everyone who so generously provided our February meal, complete with a special dessert, and chocolates with hand made Valentine blessings. We deliver our next dinner on Monday March 15, after cooking on Sunday. Some cook early in the day and some enjoying a friendly connection remotely on Zoom at 3 pm. Consider signing up for cooking on Sunday March 14, and April 18. To learn more, contact Heather and Dave Strang at 443-995-3820 or
Women’s Retreat


Adult Forum 

On February 24, we begin our Adult Forum Lenten series on The Canticles. Our first Canticle is The Song of Moses, Cantemus Domino, and will be presented by The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia. The poetic cadence and theological depth of the Cantemus Domino, known to us as The Song of Moses, tell the story of scripture in quite a meaningful way. Please join us as we explore the context, scriptural and liturgical theology of this canticle.

Adult Forum is presented via Zoom on Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM preceded by Fellowship at 6:30 PM. Come and go as needed to fit your schedule. Click here to join the Zoom meeting. More information upcoming forums can be found here.

Lenten Retreat

Save the Date!

Spiritual Friendship: A Virtual Lenten Retreat March 18-20, 2021

Friendship is one of God’s most precious gifts to us, and yet in the “chances and changes of this life,” it can be pushed to the side as we rush to meet our daily obligations. How will we make more room for this gift in our lives? Join us for some time apart to rediscover the skills and habits that draw us closer in friendship to God, others, and self. We will gather to meditate on Scripture, discuss the nature of friendship, and engage in a number of sensory-friendly activities, both on Zoom and offline. Interested? Contact St. Anne’s parishioner Scott Cooper at
Mid-Week Wednesday Morning Prayer and Scripture Study
Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the Sunday lessons? Perhaps, after reading the lessons, you have asked yourself, “what about the text” is the preacher not saying? Maybe you have wanted to be part of a group that studies and reflects upon scripture at a deeper level. Please join us over ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Scripture Study based on Sunday’s lectionary propers. The sessions will be led by a member of the ministerial team at St. Anne’s. We will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM  and then head into the study of scripture using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. The lessons can be found here.
Sycamore Tree
Our children’s worship service has a new look! Check it out! Families lead us in the reading and prayers, while Kristin Pagent and Ken Kimble lift our hearts in song from St. Anne’s sanctuary, and Connie Saeger-Proctor shares a lesson. Now professionally produced by our Sunday morning technology team to amplify our praises to God (yay!) Pray with us this week! Advent services for children are virtually offered each Sunday during Advent. Special children’s learning activity sheets are available every Sunday. The Sycamore Tree is premiered at 2:30.Watch Sycamore Tree here.