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Women’s Retreat


Current News


Sunday Forum

There has been a switch in the forum schedule this week! In preparation for Lent, our Director of Music, J. Ernest Green will speak this Sunday, February 24th on the different Kyrie settings that will be used during our Sunday worship this Lenten season. Please join us for coffee and conversation on how the Kyrie in our liturgy plays a significant role in our worship.

Soup and Sounds February 23

Cook and share your favorite soup! Or bring bread, crackers, dessert, or drinks. Plan to cook for 10 so there will be plenty of soup to sample and share.



A Trip to the Slopes!

St. Anne’s Parishioner Tad Wood is organizing a day trip to go skiing next Saturday, March 2. Due to the weather we received this week Tad will pick a location (either Liberty, Whitetail or Round Top) based upon which mountain survives the bout of snow and rain the best. Each location is a similar distance and shares the same ownership in case you have a value pass or discount. 

The plan is simple and yet organic. Anyone interested in participating will meet at the mountain first thing in the morning and identify a place where we can convene during the day for hot chocolate and lunch. 

RSVP to Tad Wood at *protected email* or 410-693-8693 in order to receive updates on location, travel times, passes/rental information, and a list of attendees if people want to carpool or have lunch together. Let Tad know if you would like to offer or need carpooling and he will look at a contingent of folks meeting at the Harbor Center Starbucks at around 7:00 AM. Again, all are welcome to join us, especially first time skiers or novices!




Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study meets the first Saturday of every month.  The next meeting will be March 2 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM in the Church Choir Room.  We will study the third chapter of Galatians.



Accepting the Invitation


During the past 4 weeks, I was among 15 St Anne’s parishioners who had the privilege of joining parishioners from St. Martin-in-the-Fields and St. Philip’s parishes in a discussion of Robin DiAngelo’s book White Fragility, which considers the often invisible yet powerful influence and privilege that being white carries in our society. These meetings took place on Monday nights for an hour and a half, and they provided all of us with the opportunity to reflect on some difficult aspects of race and racism in our society. As a white man, I felt as if I were a fish being made to see that I had been living comfortably in water all of my life, while others were struggling in that same element in ways that I did not realize. We divided our initial gathering of about 44 participants into 4 groups, spending roughly half of our time discussing together our assigned reading and the remainder in a plenary session in which we all came back together to share our various thoughts.

Prior to this, St. Martin’s and St. Philip’s had already been meeting over the past 3 years, in the wake of the death of Freddy Gray with the ensuing disturbances in Baltimore, reading and discussing books together to move toward deeper mutual understanding and reconciliation, and these parishes welcomed St. Anne’s joining them with warm and genuine graciousness. We all encountered moments of both pain and enlightenment over these weeks, and of candor and laughter as well. In the final plenary session, our leader reminded us of the deepest thing that made this experience possible and which we all hold in common: our Christian faith, which holds that we are each of us made in the image and likeness of God. We resolved to come together again soon in the course of this year.

Tom May



Women’s Retreat

Ladies: The annual St. Anne’s Women’s Retreat will be held March 29-31, 2019 in Rehoboth Beach, DE. Please join us for a weekend of fellowship and discovery as we seek to grow closer to the Lord in a community of faith. Once again, we will stay at the beautiful A. Felix DuPont Memorial House in Rehoboth Beach. The cost is $268 per person (for 2 nights of accommodations and 6 meals). More information about the weekend is coming soon. To sign up, send a check, payable to St. Anne’s for $268, with Women’s Retreat in the memo field, to Kirsten Hair. Scholarships are available. Once you’ve sent your check to Kirsten, please e-mail Townsend McNitt at *protected email* and tell her you are coming. Keep in mind that you will not be considered “registered” until Kirsten has received your check. Hope you can join us!


Women’s Retreat



Choral Evensong


This Sunday at 5:30 PM members of the choir will sing the service of Evensong, led by former St. Anne’s soloist and Assistant Director, Laurie Hays. The anthem for this service will be Ola Gjeilo’s haunting “Ubi caritas”. Join us for a a bit of quiet and meditation at the end of the day, this Sunday at 5:30 PM.

St. Anne’s Concert Series – Bach+

Thursday, February 28 at 6:15 PM at St. Anne’s Church (Church Circle)

Ping: n. A sharp resonant sound meant to attract attention.

Conductor: Larry Vote. Created in the spring of 2012, PING is St. Mary’s College’s newest vocal ensemble. Membership is limited to twelve members, chosen by competitive audition.


Women’s Retreat


Children and Youth Ministry

Children and Youth Events

The Sycamore Tree (Children’s Worship)

The Sycamore Tree will be held at 9:30 AM and 5:30 PM. 

Children’s Sunday Discovery

Children’s Sunday Discovery, our Christian education and formation for children between 3 years old and the fifth grade, happens from 10:45 AM to noon at 199 Duke of Gloucester Street. 

Middle School Mission Trip to Appalachia

Be the Peace – Thus you shall salute him: “Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.” 1 Samuel 25:6

 Appalachia Service Project (ASP).   First Presbyterian Church and St Anne’s will come together this summer and head to Jonesville, VA to serve the local residents on a much-needed service project in their community. For more information check out the link below.   RSVP to Miss Good if you are interested in participating!  SPACE IS LIMITED. Registration and $175.00 non-refundable deposit cutoff is Wednesday, February 27. However if all the slots are filled we will cutoff registration earlier. 

Who:  Middle school students, who have completed the 6th-8th grades with adult chaperones. We have 10 youth slots available.

What:  Learn about and provide service and home repair to a family in Central Appalachia with JAM.

Where:  We will be housed for this program at the ASP-owned facility in Jonesville, Virginia and travel to a family’s home.

Cost: $325/person/week. This cost will cover food, housing, programming, construction tools, and materials for your entire week of service. Scholarships available. $175 due at registration, and $150 is due by July 1. Please note: Transportation costs will be funded by fundraisers and both congregations.

Why:  ASP offers Middle school students a chance to complete hands-on service and sets them up to continue to serve throughout their lives. At ASP, they are able to truly make a difference for both local homeowners and the community with meaningful projects, while still having age-specific programming in place. We firmly believe that young people can change the world, so come join us soon and see for yourself!

Confirmation Class!

Young people 15 years old and older may sign-up for Confirmation classes.

Pancake Supper

Get ready for Lent by participating in Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper on March 5. This year the proceeds will go to the middle school youth going on the mission trip to Appalachia. Registration and sign up will be out next week.

Very Big Story Camp Early Registration

This year First Presbyterian Church and St. Anne’s Episcopal Church is offering an early registration for VBS Camp. We are excited to announce that the dates will be July 8  to 12  from 9:00 AM to noon. Camp will begin at First Presbyterian and will end at St. Anne’s. For more information and for early registration, please follow the link: .

For more information or to sign up for any of the above events, contact Connie Saeger at *protected email* or 443-808-1361.


Women’s Retreat


Current Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Gratitude for Volunteering and Our Volunteers


I have volunteered for a third year as a part of St Anne’s winter relief crew. For the third time I have chosen to be an overnight monitor. Mostly as I live close by to the site. And, I don’t have a live in family where my absence would be disruptive. Plus, I manage to be up at all times at night so I am not bothered by the hours. Each year is different. But some things are consistent. Each year I see how blessed I am as but for the Grace of God I could easily be one of the guys being sheltered. As time allows for conversations I am always amazed at the life journeys these guys have taken. Overall, each manages to navigate a lot of storms just to survive day to day. I, admit, that I am blessed by being able to be at their service at least once a year.

Certainly, I cannot praise the Committees that make this all work enough. Have they got it down to a science. And, Steve Hays, constant worrying about every little detail is extra motivating. All the inner workings are carried thru just like they are acts of God’s love, because they are. Thanks for allowing me to be there once again.

Al Collins

Thank you to everyone who participated with Winter Relief this year. Your efforts in organizing and preparing for the guests and your hospitality when they arrived was greatly appreciated by the men and were examples of being God’s loving hand in the world. 

Habitat for Humanity

St. Anne’s volunteers are back to work with Habitat for Humanity’s Interfaith Coalition volunteers. Pictured, Bill Malicki, Nancy Wright, and Phil Reynolds on a Habitat build in Severn. For information about Habitat of the Chesapeake and to volunteer, contact Linda Silva at *protected email*.
Light House Shelter
Cooking for the Light House Shelter
St. Anne’s and the Men’s Huddle provide and cook the evening meal at the Light House shelter the first Wednesday of every month.  We cook our items at home and gather at the Light House at 5:00 PM to serve the dinner. After serving, we get a plate and sit to eat and converse with the guests.  We are usually done by 7:00 PM.

On February 6, we served fajitas with all the fixings.  Thank you Lynn and Glenn Mortoro, Julie Rottkamp, Page Lyon, Wayne Adamson, Amy Starkey, Mark Minik, Bob Sherer, Monica and Bill Barry, Peter McGrath, John Merrick and Nancy Greeley.

On Wednesday, March 6, we are serving pork loin and roast chicken. We need 3 more volunteers to provide a pork loin of 4-6 pounds; roast chicken – either 2 roasted chickens or baked chicken breasts, tossed salad, corn bread – 2 dozen muffins or squares, frozen green beans – 5 large bags or about 140 oz., 2 people to make an apple cobbler and a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk for shelter use.  

For more information, or to volunteer, contact Nancy Greeley at 410 224-2975 or *protected email* or John Merrick at *protected email*.
Family Cooking for the Light House Shelter
Volunteer families come, prepare, cook, and serve a meal for approximately 60 residents. This is a unique opportunity for the whole family to volunteer together. It’s also a great community service event for our youth. Children 11 years old and over are welcome to participate in family cooking. Each month I need 2 – 3 families to prepare a main course, side dishes, and dessert.  I pair up new families with experienced ones so no one is overwhelmed and I am most often there for support and help and to oversee things. To learn more about participating or if you are interested in volunteering please contact Jill Lake at *protected email* or 443-433-2373. To sign up online go to


Women’s Retreat


Pastoral Care

Personal Prayers During the Offertory

During the Offertory at each Sunday morning service, someone from St. Anne’s Prayer Ministry will be at the Holy Family Chapel ready to pray with/for you or a loved one – for healing, hope, thanksgiving, intercession, small requests, large requests and/or a blessing and anointing. All prayers are  confidential. If you feel like coming to the Chapel but don’t know why, come anyway, come for a prayer – we are a praying community and all are welcome.

Stephen Ministry

“I was ready to give up. But my Stephen Minister wouldn’t let me.  He kept encouraging me and gave me the motivation to keep going.” — Care Receiver

If you would like to receive care from a Stephen Minister or know of someone seeking care, please contact Rev. Thompson *protected email* or Lori Marchant, 443-994-5858, *protected email*.

Pastoral Care at St. Anne’s
 Prayer Letter
Our weekly prayer letter gives you a chance to mention by name those who have asked for our prayers. Copies are available for you to take home and include in your daily devotions. Patricia Spencer coordinates this effort and would love to hear from you if you have questions or concerns. You can reach her at 301-751-0555, or
For more information on Pastoral Care, click here.
Hospital Visitation
If you are to be a patient at AAMC, please give the office a call and let us know! Or contact Dion at *protected email*  or 850-450-2801. And say yes, when the admitting person at AAMC asks if you would like a pastoral visit from someone from your preferred religious affiliation.
Pastoral visits by our Hospital Visitors are a great benefit of being part of St Anne’s parish. Our visitors are compassionate, respectful and faithful. And they are all trained as Eucharistic Visitors.
Hearing Loop
St. Anne’s has a hearing loop to better serve the 57% of people over  60 who have significant hearing loss. The Hearing Loop provides clean, clear sound without a headset and sends the voices of clergy and readers directly into the hearing aids of people sitting in the pews. If you have hearing loss but no hearing aids, ask an usher for a Loop Receiver with earbuds which you can use during the service. 


Women’s Retreat


Planned Giving

Planned Giving


Planned Giving News at St. Anne’s Church:
By Peter Smith(*protected email*)

Save the Date:  On March 31, 2019, the Planned Giving Committee has tentatively planned a special event for the St. Anne’s Legacy Circle. Details to follow. The focus of the event is to honor parishioners that have indicated they will be making or have made Planned Gifts to St. Anne’s. If you would like to join the Legacy Circle with the other 61 households in the history of the Parish, please contact the Rev. Richardson Libby, Vollie Melson, David Huggins, Jer Chambers, Karen Davis or Peter Smith for more details. All of these individuals are members of the Planned Giving Committee.  For their contact information, please call the parish office.