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  Our call at St. Anne’s is to Enlarge the circle in order to reflect the love of Christ by Building, Engaging, Evangelizing, and Forming Disciples.



Clergy Epistle

Called to Transformation

John 1:43-51

This past Sunday’s readings from Samuel and the Gospel of John gave us stories of people whose lives reached a turning point. Samuel heard the voice of the LORD calling to him in the night. Philip and Nathanael encountered Jesus, the one in whom earth and heaven meet.

These moments were infused with revelation, transformation and action, three movements woven together to form a continual process of growth with stops and starts, reversals, flashes of inspiration, whispering of the Holy Spirit.

Samuel will be transformed. The boy serving in the temple will begin his life as one of Israel’s greatest prophets. Nathanael and Philip will see things unimagined. Their witness will help to birth the Christian faith.

Of course, we are called to apply the lessons found in these readings to our daily lives. I believe God is inviting us, all of us, regardless of our political affiliations and beliefs to a time of transformation and renewal. Last year I often preached on the idea that we were living through an apocalyptic time of revelation.

It seems what Jesus said in the Gospel of Luke has come true once again: Nothing is hidden that will not be disclosed, nor is anything secret that will not become known and come to light.

May we take Samuel’s prayer and make it our own: Speak, Lord, for your servants are listening. Speak, for in this time of revelation your Church is listening. Speak and call us to the holy work of transforming ourselves and our world.


Fr. Dion

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Stewardship 2021 – Together, We Thrive

The Stewardship Campaign is Ending Soon

Happy New Year! We are deeply grateful to all who have submitted their pledge for 2021. To date, we have secured $806,000. We have yet a few yards to reach in order to hit our goal of $950,000.

Please submit your pledge soon so that we can secure a “touchdown” on our goal and ensure St. Anne’s has the funds it needs to meet its commitments to our members and the broader community.

As you prayerfully consider your commitment to St. Anne’s during this campaign, please remember that a personal pledge of support for 2021 is a meaningful reflection of your shared belief in and hope for our future during these trying times when Christ’s message is needed most! Please click here to pledge. Every gift ensures that Together, We Thrive. We cannot fully succeed without you.
Annual Meeting  

According to the by-laws of St. Anne’s Parish – There shall be an Annual Meeting of the Voting Members of St. Anne’s Parish on Sunday, February 7, 2021, via Zoom.  The election of the Vestry, the election of lay delegates from the Parish to the Convention of the Diocese of Maryland and other business of the Parish shall be transacted at the meeting. Members shall be welcome at this meeting. A Voting Member of St. Anne’s Parish is defined in the by-laws as someone who is 16 years of age or older, lives in Maryland, has been a Member of St. Anne’s Parish for no less than six months prior to the day of voting (Feb. 7, 2021), whose baptism has been entered on St. Anne’s Parish Register, and who has for the past calendar year contributed to the stewardship campaign or be otherwise on the books of the Treasurer as a contributor.  A book containing biographical information on the candidates is available here.

Absentee ballots may be provided to parishioners who: Will be absent for any reason from his or her residence and from Anne Arundel County on the day of the Annual Meeting, Are full-time students whose academic requirements preclude the student from being present at the Annual Meeting, or By reason of physical disability or confinement in or restriction to an institution or home, including the Member’s residence, will be prevented from being present at the Annual Meeting. Requests for absentee ballots must be made in writing stating the reason(s) for being unable to attend.  They must be emailed to no later than 4:00 PM on January 29.

Women’s Retreat


Digital Ministries

HELP! The Digital Ministries committee is looking for volunteers to help us manage, plan and operate these systems. This includes:

  • Networks: Wired and wireless Ubiquiti Unify network management
  • Telephones: Manage and configure of our VoIP phone network
  • Workstations: Managing, troubleshooting and implementing workstations for the staff including client security software and Microsoft Office
  • Cameras: Maintaining and configuring our new Verkada surveillance camera system
  • Software: Implementing new capabilities with our REALM software and assisting staff and volunteers with new business processes
  • Documentation: Document all of the above in Visio, Excel, and other tools

Please contact John Purnell at or 410-793-1011 if you are interested.

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee would like to thank all of you who are saving your natural corks for our recycling program. The cork box at the parish house was just emptied of several hundred corks that have been brought in over the past months. KEEP THEM COMING!

Annapolis Green is selling Pumpkin Spice Compost made from pumpkins from Annapolis Green’s Great Pumpkin Dropoff last fall, at $10.00 a 15lb bag. The compost won’t be ready until the spring so you will get a certificate to be redeemed when the compost is ready. If you would like to order a bag or two, go to Annapolis Green’s website here.

Winter Relief

Many, many thanks to those who contributed to our Winter Relief program! To date we have raised $2,035 which will be used by the Arundel House of Hope (AHoH) to provide much needed services to those who make their homes outdoors. We will present our contributions to AHoH in February so there’s still time to donate via the St. Anne’s donation page here. AHoH is a great organization looking out for our neighbors who need help. Know that your generosity will be put to good use.
Grants Committee


The St. Anne’s Grants Committee is pleased to announce that we will award grants in 2021 to organizations in accordance our established guidelines. Outreach is one of the ways St. Anne’s lives out Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors, in both Annapolis and around the world. Bearing witness to Christ’s compassion, the St. Anne’s Grants Committee awards grants to organizations and ministries that seek to build understanding, help those in need, and expand a message of love in the world. Organizations who share these goals can request a grant not to exceed $5,000. Preference is given to organizations meeting needs locally with involvement of St. Anne’s parishioners.
If you know of an organization that might benefit please let them know about our grant application, which is available here or on the St. Anne’s website. If the organization believes its mission complies with the criteria listed on the application form, please encourage them to apply before February 1, 2021. For more information, please contact Petey Cosby or Judy Guy
Women’s Retreat


Prayer for the Week

Heavenly Father, giver of life and health, comfort and relieve your sick servants, and give Your power of healing to those who minister to their needs, that those for whom our prayers are offered may be strengthened in their weakness and have confidence in Your loving care. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever. Amen.

The Lighthouse 

St. Anne’s and the Men’s Bible study provide the evening meal for the Light House the first Wednesday of every month.  Thank you everyone who has volunteered to help with the February 3 dinner for the Light House.  Everything is taken care of except drinks. The Light House can  serve only single serving sized drinks.  We would like to provide 24 cans or bottles of single sized iced tea (with lemon), fizzy water or flavored water for dinner. We could use 2 volunteers to provide 12 drinks each. After February 3, our next meal will be March 3.  We don’t know yet what we will be serving. For information or to volunteer, contact Nancy Greeley at

St. Anne’s Cemetery: Year of the Woman

Hester Ann Chase (1791-1875)

Hester Ann Chase came from a family with roots in Maryland since the early 17th century and her life extended into the modern era when she invested in the water and gas companies for the City of Annapolis. Her father was Jeremiah Townley Chase (1748-1828) and her mother was Hester Baldwin Chase (1747- 1823). Both her father and his cousin Samuel, son of Samuel Chase who was a signer of the Declaration of Independence, married Baldwin sisters making very close family ties.

Hester was the third of five children. She never married and lived with her father in his house on King George Street. In 1826 her sister, Matilda moved with her three daughters into the house after the death of her husband, Thomas Chase, in 1826. Tragically, Matilda died three years later at age 38, leaving Hester to raise her three nieces, Frances (8), Matilda (9) and Hester Ann (12) in her father’s house, which she inherited in 1828. Hester also inherited her father’s farms south of Chinquapin Round Road on Spa Creek, making her a rather wealthy woman.

In 1847, her house on King George Street burned to the ground. Hester Ann Chase bought Edward Lloyd’s house on Maryland Avenue across the street from the home of her sister, Frances Townley Chase Loockerman. Today Hester’s house is known as the Chase-Lloyd House and her sister’s house is called the Hammond-Harwood House.

The Chase-Lloyd House was begun by Hester’s great-uncle, Samuel Chase in 1769 but, when he became short of funds, he sold it unfinished to Edward Lloyd IV in 1774. With Hester’s purchase of the house in 1847, the Chase-Lloyd House was returned to the Chase family and Hester moved in with her three nieces. They lived there for almost thirty years. During that time, she became an investor in The Annapolis Gas Light Company, was an underwriter of several mortgages and, in 1864 she became one of the 13 incorporators of the Annapolis Water Company. According to Jane McWilliams in her book, Annapolis: City on the Severn, “Not only was Hester Chase the wealthiest woman in town, but the assessed value of her property in 1860 was the fourth highest in the city.” A year before her death, she subdivided the lot beside the Chase-Lloyd House and leased the corner lot on Prince George Street to Edwin Parker, who built the house that stands there today.

When Hester Ann Chase died in 1875, her financial instruments totaled $60,480. The contents of her home were valued at $2,792 and her total estate was appraised at $64,736.61, which included real estate that she owned in Baltimore. That would be equivalent to $1.5 million in today’s dollars. She left her estate to her three nieces. Her two younger nieces never married and lived in the house until their deaths. The eldest, Hester Ann, married Dr. Samuel Ridout and moved to her husband’s home on the Whitehall estate. She outlived her husband and her two sisters and willed the Chase-Lloyd House as a charitable trust to a self-perpetuating board for the preservation of the house and the establishment of a home for women “who have suffered the vicissitudes of life” perhaps remembering that her own childhood as an orphan would have been much harsher had it not been for her kind Aunt Hester Ann. Hester Ann Chase Ridout is not buried at St. Anne’s Cemetery, but rather, with her husband who had been rector of St. Margaret’s Church, at Whitehall. Her sisters, Frances and Matilda are buried on top of the hill with others from the Chase family at St. Anne’s.

Ginger DeLuca

Women’s Retreat


Adult Forum

Please join us for a special forum evening on Wednesday January 27 with John Lent. Executive Director. American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Ministry. Mr. Lent will update us on the major projects of this organization. He will also address the prospect of restarting pilgrimages.

Adult Forum will be presented via Zoom on scheduled Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM, preceded by Fellowship at 6:30 PM. Come and go as needed to fit your schedule. More information on upcoming Adult Forum sessions can be found here. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.

Mid-Week Wednesday Morning Prayer and Scripture Study
Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the Sunday lessons? Perhaps, after reading the lessons, you have asked yourself, “what about the text” is the preacher not saying? Maybe you have wanted to be part of a group that studies and reflects upon scripture at a deeper level. Please join us over ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Scripture Study based on Sunday’s lectionary propers. The sessions will be led by a member of the ministerial team at St. Anne’s. We will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM  and then head into the study of scripture using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. The lessons can be found here.
Sycamore Tree
Our children’s worship service has a new look! Check it out! Families lead us in the reading and prayers, while Kristin Pagent and Ken Kimble lift our hearts in song from St. Anne’s sanctuary, and Connie Saeger-Proctor shares a lesson. Now professionally produced by our Sunday morning technology team to amplify our praises to God (yay!) Pray with us this week! Advent services for children are virtually offered each Sunday during Advent. Special children’s learning activity sheets are available every Sunday. The Sycamore Tree is premiered at 2:30.Watch Sycamore Tree here.