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  Our call at St. Anne’s is to Enlarge the circle in order to reflect the love of Christ by Building, Engaging, Evangelizing, and Forming Disciples.




Clergy Epistle

The Consequence of God’s Mercy

Jonah 3:1-5, 10, (4:1)

A wonderful question came to mind as I prepared last week’s sermon: What happens when we see God’s mercy showered on our repentant enemies?

This is one of the many questions we find in the Book of Jonah. The story overflows with lessons and challenges. Best of all, the writer does not give us a tidy conclusion. We, like Jonah, are left to ponder our reactions to God’s confounding ways.

Our lectionary passage ends with God changing his mind about destroying Nineveh. The people had prayed for their salvation. They had fasted and put on the sackcloth of repentance. The king sat in ashes. Every heart turned to God.

“But this was very displeasing to Jonah, and he became angry,” Jonah 4:1

Unfortunately, the lectionary compilers did not include this verse. Yet, it and the ensuing dialogue between God and Jonah are what really give the story its punch.

Through Ezekiel, God had said: “I have no desire for the deaths of the wicked. I would rather that the wicked should mend their ways and live. Give them up, give up your evil ways. Israelites, why should you die?”

Notice, God didn’t say anything about the Ninevites. He just spoke to the Israelites. Is it any wonder that Jonah did not dance a jig when God relented? This brings us back to our opening question. How would we respond? Jonah pouted and argued with God. Would we do the same?

It can be hard to celebrate when God’s goodness is showered on people we might consider to be unworthy, people we may deem “the other.” But here is what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount: “You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

Pray, what? Pray that God will turn all hearts to repentance. Pray that God will continually soften our hearts so that we do not become like Jonah, dismayed by the wideness of God’s mercy. Pray that we rejoice and shout – Hallelujah! — when we find that God is indeed full of grace and compassion.


Fr. Dion

Click here to view last Sunday’s service.

Stewardship 2021 – Together, We Thrive

The Stewardship Campaign is Ending Soon

Happy New Year! We are deeply grateful to all who have submitted their pledge for 2021. To date, we have secured $806,000. We have yet a few yards to reach in order to hit our goal of $950,000.

Please submit your pledge soon so that we can secure a “touchdown” on our goal and ensure St. Anne’s has the funds it needs to meet its commitments to our members and the broader community.

As you prayerfully consider your commitment to St. Anne’s during this campaign, please remember that a personal pledge of support for 2021 is a meaningful reflection of your shared belief in and hope for our future during these trying times when Christ’s message is needed most! Please click here to pledge. Every gift ensures that Together, We Thrive. We cannot fully succeed without you.
St. Anne’s Annual Meeting 2021

Yes, it is happening! Sunday, February 7, at 11:00 AM.
The pandemic has not stopped us from worshiping as a community and doing God’s work and it won’t stop us from taking care of the parish’s important business.

Should you attend? YES! You are the heart and soul of the St. Anne’s family and we want to make sure you are involved in the decisions that impact our future together.

What will we do at the meeting?

We will hear from our Rector, review our finances and budget for 2021, find out the latest from the Stewardship Campaign, and, most importantly, hold our Vestry and diocesan convention delegate elections.  A book containing biographical information on the candidates is available here.

Will this meeting be different?

Yes, again! This meeting will be held virtually on Zoom and we will do everything we can to make it easy for you take part. If you have attended an Evening Prayer service or Adult Forum, you already know how Zoom works. If you have not, don’t worry, we’ll give you easy instructions to follow.

Make your plans to join Fr. Manoj, Fr. Dion and your fellow parishioners on February 7!


For more information on the Annual Meeting, please click here.

Online Contributions

Happy New Year!

If you made your 2020 contributions through our online donation provider, Vanco, you will need to update your transactions for 2021.  Please login to Vanco here to make these changes. Your user name is your email address and your password is something you would have set up.  If you have any questions or need assistance with updating your transactions, please contact Kirsten Hair at  Thank you for your continued support of St. Anne’s.

Women’s Retreat


Iron Rosary

The Iron Rosary, our Circle of Prayer in the heart of Annapolis is a place for prayers. All voices connecting with God are welcome at the Iron Rosary.  The prayers are gathered weekly, laminated, and tied to the fence. Volunteers are needed to keep supplies stocked and to take prayers to the Iron Rosary for those that cannot come in person. To volunteer, contact Connie Saeger-Proctor

Digital Ministries

HELP! The Digital Ministries committee is looking for volunteers to help us manage, plan and operate these systems. This includes:

  • Networks: Wired and wireless Ubiquiti Unify network management
  • Telephones: Manage and configure of our VoIP phone network
  • Workstations: Managing, troubleshooting and implementing workstations for the staff including client security software and Microsoft Office
  • Cameras: Maintaining and configuring our new Verkada surveillance camera system
  • Software: Implementing new capabilities with our REALM software and assisting staff and volunteers with new business processes
  • Documentation: Document all of the above in Visio, Excel, and other tools

Please contact John Purnell at or 410-793-1011 if you are interested.

Winter Relief

Many, many thanks to those who contributed to our Winter Relief program! To date we have raised $2,035 which will be used by the Arundel House of Hope (AHoH) to provide much needed services to those who make their homes outdoors. We will present our contributions to AHoH in February so there’s still time to donate via the St. Anne’s donation page here. AHoH is a great organization looking out for our neighbors who need help. Know that your generosity will be put to good use.
Grants Committee


The St. Anne’s Grants Committee is pleased to announce that we will award grants in 2021 to organizations in accordance our established guidelines. Outreach is one of the ways St. Anne’s lives out Jesus’ commandment to love our neighbors, in both Annapolis and around the world. Bearing witness to Christ’s compassion, the St. Anne’s Grants Committee awards grants to organizations and ministries that seek to build understanding, help those in need, and expand a message of love in the world. Organizations who share these goals can request a grant not to exceed $5,000. Preference is given to organizations meeting needs locally with involvement of St. Anne’s parishioners.
If you know of an organization that might benefit please let them know about our grant application, which is available here or on the St. Anne’s website. If the organization believes its mission complies with the criteria listed on the application form, please encourage them to apply before February 1, 2021. For more information, please contact Petey Cosby or Judy Guy
Women’s Retreat


Prayer for the Week

Father of goodness and love, hear our prayers for the sick members of our community and for all who are in need. Amid mental and physical suffering may they find consolation in your healing presence. Show your mercy as you close wounds, cure illness, make broken bodies whole and free downcast spirits. May these special people find lasting health and deliverance, and so join us in thanking you for all your gifts. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Lighthouse 

St. Anne’s and the Men’s Bible study provide the evening meal for the Light House the first Wednesday of every month.  Thank you everyone who has volunteered to help with the February 3 dinner for the Light House.  Everything is taken care of except drinks. The Light House can  serve only single serving sized drinks.  We would like to provide 24 cans or bottles of single sized iced tea (with lemon), fizzy water or flavored water for dinner. We could use 2 volunteers to provide 12 drinks each. After February 3, our next meal will be March 3.  We don’t know yet what we will be serving. For information or to volunteer, contact Nancy Greeley at

Women’s Retreat


Parents Gathering

January 28 at 8:00 PM

Alyssa Pasternak-Post will lead the group this Thursday with a theme of spiritual goal setting. Our time will include ideas around creating personal retreat space in the context of family life (yes, it can happen!). Please RSVP to Kimberly ( and Brie ( if you are going to attend or think that you might be able to attend the up-coming session. You can always join us at the last minute, but it helps us with planning to know who is coming ahead of time. Here’s the Zoom link. Upcoming dates: January 28, February 11, and February 25.

Adult Forum

Please join us on Wednesday February 3rd from 7:00 to 8:15 PM via Zoom for a very special forum with Fr. Josh Thomas, Episcopal priest, scholar and interfaith educator. He is Board Chair of the Alliance for Middle East Peace, a coalition of 100+ organizations working at the grassroots level to build peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and has also served as Executive Director of Seeds of Peace (New York) and Kids4Peace since 2011.

Adult Forum is presented via Zoom on scheduled Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:15 PM, preceded by Fellowship at 6:30 PM. Come and go as needed to fit your schedule. More information on upcoming Adult Forum sessions can be found here. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.

Mid-Week Wednesday Morning Prayer and Scripture Study
Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the Sunday lessons? Perhaps, after reading the lessons, you have asked yourself, “what about the text” is the preacher not saying? Maybe you have wanted to be part of a group that studies and reflects upon scripture at a deeper level. Please join us over ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Scripture Study based on Sunday’s lectionary propers. The sessions will be led by a member of the ministerial team at St. Anne’s. We will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM  and then head into the study of scripture using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. The lessons can be found here.
Sycamore Tree
Our children’s worship service has a new look! Check it out! Families lead us in the reading and prayers, while Kristin Pagent and Ken Kimble lift our hearts in song from St. Anne’s sanctuary, and Connie Saeger-Proctor shares a lesson. Now professionally produced by our Sunday morning technology team to amplify our praises to God (yay!) Pray with us this week! Advent services for children are virtually offered each Sunday during Advent. Special children’s learning activity sheets are available every Sunday. The Sycamore Tree is premiered at 2:30.Watch Sycamore Tree here.