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  Our call at St. Anne’s is to Enlarge the circle in order to reflect the love of Christ by Building, Engaging, Evangelizing, and Forming Disciples.




Clergy Epistle

During Lent, we order time a bit differently. Lent is a period of prayerful self-examination and reflection. Part of my practice has been to re-visit spiritual classics from the early Christian period. This year, I am focusing on thoughts by St. Augustine and St. Isaac of the Syrian. Today I share with you a reflection I received when reflecting on St. Augustine.
While Augustine was sitting in a green space, he heard a voice telling him to “take and read.” He was led to a passage from the Book of Romans inviting him to turn over a new leaf and put on the Lord Jesus Christ. A reality of my life is that I consistently fall short of God’s intention for me. For instance, I erect barriers or tables between what I do and what I hand over to God. The creation of such a divide is foolish and comes out of a sense of deep ego. Rather than submitting myself entirely into the hands of God and listening to God’s direction, a false sense of pride keeps whispering in my ears telling me that I can do it all. The reality is, I can’t. I need to let go and allow God to work need to ask myself the question – “what do I need to turn over to God and allow God to be God?”
Turning over the tables of our lives, as St. Augustine suggests, involves ordering the passions of our lives. Overturning tables is what Jesus did in the temple in last week’s gospel. This action is the consequence of humanity falling short of God’s intention for the world. The temple is the space where the connection between God and humanity should have been bridged. Rather than focusing on the true nature of fellowship and the ideal of a lived ethic as recorded in the Book of Exodus, the marketplace in the Temple created an idol out of religious experience. 
What Jesus is doing is bring to attention the real intention of worship -a humble and contrite heart – where humanity comes to God not from a sense of obligation but out of a recognition that we have all fallen short and need the authenticity of worship in cleansing our souls.
For this week, I invite you to reflect on these questions:
What areas in your life need to be turned so that the fruits of the Kingdom are evident in your life?
How do you need to order your loves and priorities in life?
Remember, God is in love with you! Transformation begins when we give our hearts to the possibility of resurrection centered on the cross’s offering of redemption and possibility of new life!
Your Servant in Christ,
Fr. Manoj

Click here to view last week’s service

Reopening & Holy Week Schedule 

It is with GREAT JOY we announce our reopening!

In-person services combined with our live-streamed virtual services will begin on Sunday March 21, 2021 at 9:30 AM.

*There is limited seating, and we ask that you reserve a seat if you wish to attend. To reserve, please email Nikki Aseltine at or phone 443-808-1376 during business hours.

 There are many opportunities for both in-person and virtual worship, please see our schedule for Holy Week and Easter services.

The Fifth Sunday in Lent: March 21, 2021

Palm Sunday: March 28

Maundy Thursday: April 1

Note: there will be no public washing of feet, however there will be stripping of the altar.

Good Friday: April 2

Easter Vigil: Saturday, April 3

Easter Sunday: April 4

*There is limited seating, please reserve a seat if you wish to attend. St. Anne’s follows CDC guidelines regarding physical distancing and cleaning protocols. We ask that you please wear your masks when you come, and if you are ill or at risk, please remain at home.

Easter Memorial Flowers

Easter has special symbolism this year as we climb our way out of the pandemic and into the light. It has been a year of loss for many of our parishioners at St. Anne’s, as well as a year of new birth and unexpected joy. We want to offer you the opportunity to express that through Easter Memorial Flowers. As usual, you can make a donation in memory of loved ones or in honor of someone special and their names will be listed in the Easter bulletins.
There are a couple of ways to submit your request:
  1. Set up a donation through our on-line donation platform, Vanco, and select Easter Memorial Flowers. At setup, you will be given the opportunity to list the names you wish to memorialize or honor. Or, you can email your list to Kirsten Hair. Click here to access the donation page.
  2. Mail a note and check to Kirsten Hair, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, 199 Duke of Gloucester Street, Annapolis, MD 21401. Include the names of the people you would like to memorialize or honor. Be sure to add your name and contact information.
If you have any questions or need more information, please email Kirsten Hair at
The deadline to receive your requests is March 26, 2021.


Women’s Retreat


Parents’ Group

Please join us for our Parent’s Group tonight March 11, from 8-9pm, where we will be focusing on how do you discuss with your children when they feel God isn’t listening or answering. We’ll be reading and discussing Psalm 138.
Please spread the word and invite others. We welcome your involvement. Our little community of parents and caregivers is organic in nature and we encourage everyone to come as they are. 
Please RSVP to Kimberly ( or Brie ( to attend the upcoming session. You can always join us at the last minute, but it helps us with planning to know who is coming ahead of time.
Winter Relief

Many thanks to the generous souls who donated to the Christmas Card fundraiser over the last few months. Because of you we raised $2,960 which will be given to the Arundel House of Hope for the Winter Relief Program that provides transportation, medical care, nutrition and shelter to our neighbors who normally make their homes outdoors. Although many things have been different over the past year, St. Anne’s generosity is as strong as ever. Thank you!
Sacred Ground

Openings remain to sign up for the Sacred Ground program, a film-based dialogue series on race and faith. More information is available here. Meetings will be on Thursdays, from 4 to 6pm, on March 11, March 25, April 8, April 22, May 6. Please email Anne Thomas as soon as possible if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.
Women’s Retreat


Lenten Retreat

Save the Date!

Spiritual Friendship: A Virtual Lenten Retreat March 18-20, 2021

Scripture tells us of the countless ways God loves and provides for us. In Psalm 139, we read of our part in God’s good creation in the verse “I will thank you because I am marvelously made; your works are wonderful, and I know it well.” In John 14, Jesus tells us that he and God will come to make their home within us. How are you caring for yourself as one of God’s precious children? Remember to treat yourself gently, with friendly gestures, to give yourself strength to follow the way of love. Join fellow St. Anne’s parishioners and others for some time apart to rediscover the skills and habits that draw us closer in friendship to God, others, and self.

Email Scott Cooper at for more information or for a registration form.

Prayer for the Week

O Lord, who dost feel the pain of the world, look down upon all sick and suffering persons: enfold them with Your love, that in the midst of pain they may find Your presence; to doctors and nurses grant tender hearts and healing hands: and give health again in the body and soul, for Your tender mercy’s sake. Amen.
Women’s Retreat


Adult Forum 

On March 17, our Adult Forum Lenten series on The Canticles will focus on The Song of the Redeemed, Magna et Mirabilia presented by Connie Saeger-Proctor, Minister for Congregational Life. Magna et Mirabilia is based on Revelation 15:3-4 and may have been an early Christian hymn. It reflects a vision of the completion of salvation for the faithful. Please join us as we explore the context, scriptural, and liturgical theology of this canticle. Please join us as we explore the context, scriptural, and liturgical theology of this canticle.
Adult Forum is presented via Zoom on Wednesday evenings, from 7:00 to 8:00 PM preceded by Fellowship at 6:30 PM. Come and go as needed to fit your schedule. Click here to join the Zoom meeting.
More information upcoming forums can be found here.
Mid-Week Wednesday Morning Prayer and Scripture Study
Have you ever wanted to dig deeper into the Sunday lessons? Perhaps, after reading the lessons, you have asked yourself, “what about the text” is the preacher not saying? Maybe you have wanted to be part of a group that studies and reflects upon scripture at a deeper level. Please join us over ZOOM for Morning Prayer and Scripture Study based on Sunday’s lectionary propers. The sessions will be led by a member of the ministerial team at St. Anne’s. We will begin with Morning Prayer at 8:00 AM  and then head into the study of scripture using the lessons for the upcoming Sunday. The lessons can be found here.
Sycamore Tree
Our children’s worship service has a new look! Check it out! Families lead us in the reading and prayers, while Kristin Pagent and Ken Kimble lift our hearts in song from St. Anne’s sanctuary, and Connie Saeger-Proctor shares a lesson. Now professionally produced by our Sunday morning technology team to amplify our praises to God (yay!) Pray with us this week! Advent services for children are virtually offered each Sunday during Advent. Special children’s learning activity sheets are available every Sunday. The Sycamore Tree is premiered at 2:30.Watch Sycamore Tree here.