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Women’s Retreat

Current News

Clergy Epistle

Beloved in Christ,

On Sunday, we reflected on the Sacramental Rite of the “The Reconciliation of the Penitent.”

The Rite, provided in the Book of Common Prayer, underscores the theological principle of God’s love made Real and Present for us in Jesus Christ.

During the sermon, I invited you to reflect on “what burdens your soul?”  Many of us struggle with regrets rooted in unconfessed sins. These regrets manifest themselves in different forms throughout our lives and significantly impair our relationship with others, ourselves, and ultimately with God.

In Jesus, we have the assurance of love without strings. Jesus loves us – there are no exceptions.

At the same time, experiencing this unconditional love involves our being open to receive the rays of God’s loving radiance. The Rite of Reconciliation provides us with a window through which we can reframe our relationship with God, ourselves, and each other because we are assured of absolution.

So, brothers and sisters, I invite you to examine, what reigns over you? What is fettering your soul thereby limiting you to experience the wholesome presence of God’s grace?

If you would like to listen to this week’s sermon, please subscribe to our Podcast through PodBean (


With blessings,

Fr. Manoj




Beloved in Christ,

In consultation with the Executive Committee of Vestry, based on advice from the CDC and prescriptions from the Diocese of Maryland, here are the steps that St. Anne’s has adopted to address the threat of the Corona Virus:

1. Clean Hands:

Members of the clergy and Eucharistic Ministers will ablute (wash our hands) and use hand sanitizer conforming to the guidelines of the aforementioned entities. Hand sanitizer is also available for your use in the rear of the narthex for use before and after church.

2. During Eucharist:

a. Refrain from Intinction (Dipping the Host into the Wine)
We ask that everyone refrain from intinction, which is the dipping of the wafer into the chalice. Reliable research indicates that the risk of contamination from fingers is far greater than that of sipping from the cup. Additional information from the Diocese of Maryland indicates that the risk of infection from sipping from the chalice is low because of the high alcohol content of fortified wine, the antimicrobial properties of silver, and the wiping of the rim after each sip.

b. Receive only the Host
If you are uncomfortable sipping from the chalice, please be assured that the doctrine of concomitance affirms that the full blessing of the Eucharist is available in only one element. You are welcome to take only the bread and cross your arms over your chest for the wine. Should you have any questions regarding this teaching, I invite you to refer to the following web-page (

3. Exchanging of the peace:

At this point, we ask you to exercise wisdom. Such prudence is a pastoral response to exchange peace through bowing, waving, etc.

**Should there be an outbreak of the virus in the DC Metro Area

1. We will ask people to exchange the peace in ways that do not involve touching
2. We will practice concomitance by serving only the Eucharistic Host during services.
3. We will follow CDC and local guidelines regarding closing schools and other public gatherings and will, if necessary, cancel meetings, groups, events and attempt to live-stream services by using streaming platforms.

Let us continue to pray for all who are currently impacted by the virus, particularly victims, their caregivers, and communities that are grappling with how to respond in the midst of this crisis.

In the words of The Rev. Lyndon Harris, “O God, our times are in your hand. In the midst of uncertainty lead us by your never-failing grace as we seek to be agents of healing and hope. Walk with us through difficult times; watch over us in danger; and give to us a spirit of love and compassion for those who suffer and mourn. And finally remind us that you have promised never to leave us so that even in the valley of the shadow of death your love may be felt, through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN. (

Yours in Christ,
The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia Rector, St. Anne’s Parish, Annapolis


Saturday Night Service: The Episcopal Experience

Evening Prayer and discussion in the Church from 5:30-7:30 PM on Saturday evenings. Come for worship, fellowship and to learn more about the Episcopal Church. This Saturday, Rev. Jess will lead us in a discussion of How does the church function? Who is in charge? How does this happen?
We will also address: Constitution and Canons, Governing Structure, General Convention in Baltimore and Diocesan Convention
Adult Forum

Sunday, March 8

Kathryn Libby, St. Anne’s Parishioner and Docent
Reconciliation: A Personal Reflection

Long-time parishioner and Docent at St. Anne’s, Kathryn Libby, will share a personal reflection on what reconciliation means to her as a Christian.




Easter Memorial Flowers

Easter Memorial Flower cards are in each pew and may be filled out for Easter flowers in memory or in honor of those you wish to have included in the list for our Easter bulletin.  The deadline for turning in these cards and donations is by end of business on Friday, April 3.




Easter Basket Ministry

St. Anne’s invites you to support those who are unable to celebrate the Easter Season by filling a plastic bin with items for three meals on Easter Day and small Easter gifts for children. Bins will be available in the back of the church beginning March 15. Drop off your filled bin at the Parish House on Saturday, April 4 or Sunday, April 5. You can also write a check in any amount to St. Anne’s Church with Easter Baskets in the memo line. For questions or to volunteer on basket drop off days, contact Bob Sherer at 410-266-1334 or




Women’s Bible Study

Join the Women’s Bible Study on March 7 in the Skylight Room at 10:00 AM as we continue to read through Paul’s letters. At this meeting, we will be studying the second chapter of Philippians. The study will be lead by Nancy Bayers.

Episcopal Rainbow Group Upcoming Events
3/15/2020 Brunch
4/19/2020 Brunch
5/17/2020 Brunch
6/14/2020 Brunch
6/27/2020 Annapolis Pride!
6/28/2020 St. Anne’s Pride Service


Brunches are held at 12:45 pm at Harry Browne’s. Please RSVP to Jill Lake at by the preceding Friday so I can make an accurate reservation.

Annapolis Pride Festivities are the last weekend in June – please save the date! Like last year, St. Anne’s will be in the parade and have a booth at the festival on Saturday, June 27. Details on our church service are still being worked out…

Reconciliation Ministry

Starting Sunday, the Forum series will explore for five weeks what it means to be reconciled with God and one another as a faith community. Members of St. Anne’s Reconciliation Ministry continue monthly meetings to discuss updates on ongoing work, including planned support for the upcoming 150th anniversary of St. Philips. The Ministry’s Planning Committee is working on a joint gathering of St. Anne’s and St. Philips. Please pray for the work of this ministry, which is part of our Parish’s journey toward Becoming Beloved Community. All are welcome to join us as we work toward racial reconciliation, healing and justice. The next ministry meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on March 11 in the Parish House. Contact Chair Anne Thomas for more information:

St. Anne’s Cemetery: Year of the Woman

Anne Catherine Hoof Green

Anne Catherine Hoof Green was born around 1720, probably in the Netherlands, and moved to America as a child. She grew up in Philadelphia and married Jonas Green, who was a printer in the shop of Ben Franklin and Andrew Bradford, in 1738. They moved to Annapolis so that he could become the printer to the province of Maryland. Jonas and Anne began issuing the Maryland Gazette in 1745. When Jonas died in 1767, Catherine became one of the first women publishers in the American colonies as she continued to print the newspaper without interruption. With the help of her son William, Anne Catherine continued to print for public and private clients including the General Assembly. In 1768 she was formally appointed as the provincial printer, responsible for printing almanacs, pamphlets and books. The Maryland Gazette was the principal source of news for the province during the leadup to the American Revolution. Early on she was paid by the province in tobacco, which was the local currency, but in 1770 she was commissioned to print $318,000 in paper money and was paid with paper from then on.

When the Greens first moved to Annapolis, they rented a small two-story house with a kitchen and two bedrooms on Catherine was known as a good businesswoman who paid off her husband’s debts after Jonas’s death and was able to buy the house that they had rented for so long. The house was kept in the family until just recently. Being proud of her accomplishments, she commissioned Charles Wilson Peale to paint her portrait in 1769. A copy of the painting adorns the building on Westgate Circle today.  Catherine died in 1775 and was buried at Church Circle. It is believed that her remains were removed to St. Anne’s Cemetery in the early 1790’s when the church was being expanded and the “new” cemetery was just beginning. There is no record of where she is now, although it is likely that she is among the remains that were reburied in the mound at the top of the hill in our cemetery.

United in Prayer for Maryland’s 2020 Legislative Session

Sign Up to lead Noonday Prayer on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the Legislative Session!

Parishioners are invited to lead Noonday Prayer at 12:00 pm at the Holy Family Chapel in the church. It is a short service to pray for our church, our community, and our legislature.

St. Anne’s will offer 90 days of prayer during the 2020 General Assembly Legislative Session for those seeking a quiet place to pray, reflect, de-stress and renew. Beginning January 8 with an 8:00 AM Eucharist and ending with a 5:30 PM Evening Prayer April 6.

  • Mondays – 5:30 PM Evening Prayer
  • Tuesdays — 12:10 PM Eucharist with Healing Prayers; 5:30 PM Evening Prayer
  • Wednesdays — 8:00 AM Eucharist; 12:00 PM Noonday Prayer with musical reflection; 5:30 PM Evening Prayer
  • Thursdays —12:00 PM Noonday Prayer with meditation; 5:30 PM Evening Prayer
  • Fridays — 5:30 PM Evening Prayer

In a time of political division, the church can be a sanctuary for healing and unity no matter one’s political affiliation or religious belief/denomination. All are welcome.

Ideas for Lenten Discipline from the Environmental Ministry 

Are you looking to take on a discipline for Lent? Here are some ideas that will help you to add to your Care for God’s Creation:


  • Give up plastic grocery bags. Tie a ribbon onto your steering wheel to remind you to take a recyclable bag with you when you go into the grocery store.
  • Give up plastic straws. Ask your waiter if the restaurant uses plastic straws. If they don’t, do without.
  • Take a bag with you when you take walks and pick up any trash that you find along the way. This will keep the trash out of our waterways.
  • Take your own travel coffee mug into the coffee shop with you.
  • Don’t forget to drop off your wine corks at the parish house. The box is empty as of this week.
Women’s Retreat


Music for Lent and Beyond

This Sunday is the second Sunday of Lent. Beginning with Lent 1 and moving through Easter and up to Pentecost we have changed the musical canvas for two of the services that are part of our offerings at St. Anne’s the 11:15 Sunday morning service and the 5:30 Sunday evening service.

For the 11:15 services we will present special music at high points in the season to help underscore the message being shared through the readings. Our soloists and some members of the choir will be joined by members of the Bach+ consort to bring this music to life. For the services on Sunday evenings we will focus on a more contemplative, contemporary feel to give you a chance to recharge before the week ahead.

I am really excited about these changes and will share more with you as we move through Lent and into Easter.

Ernest Green
Music Director

Women’s Retreat

Children and Youth Ministry

Children and Youth Events

Sunday Discovery and Sycamore Tree

This Sunday at 1:00 PM Annapolis will hold its Annual St. Patrick’s parade. In honor of St. Patrick, during Sunday Discovery we will be learning about St. Patrick and why he is a Saint. You may be surprised at the many myths and truths about St. Patrick. Children and youth between the ages of 3 and the 8th grade are invited to meet in Room 102 of the Parish House. We meet following the 9:30 AM service from 10:45 to noon. Snacks are served, children divide into their small groups, then come together at the end for prayer, reflection, and music. We meet in the Parish Hall at 199 Duke of Gloucester Street.

Children’s Sycamore Tree will be held during the 9:30 service. The Sycamore Tree is worship for young children. During our time together children will hear the Gospel, participate in a lesson, learn music, and participate in prayer.  

Little Annies Playgroup

Are you a family with young children and looking for a way to connect with other families? Join us on March 14 in the Parish Hall at 199 Duke of Gloucester Street from 10:00 AM until 11:30 AM for play, brunch, social time, and stories. We provide blankets and toys and weather permitting we play on the PASA playground. For more information, contact Connie Saeger at or 443-808-1361.

Middle and High School Mission Trip to Appalachia

If you have a middle or high school young person who would feel good about repairing a home for a family in Appalachia, please join us Sunday, March 15 at noon. You will learn about Appalachia Service Project, and how you can be the hands and heart of Jesus by making a difference in the quality of life for one family. This meeting is for parents and young people. The trip will provide fun, prayer, and work with other young people from around the country. Together we will look at our calendars and plan the date. Please RSVP to Connie Saeger at or 443-808-1361.

High School Seniors Harrison Sayre Award

Graduating high school seniors can apply for the Harrison Sayre Award. The award is given annually to a high school senior who has been active is some aspect of St. Anne’s life (choir, acolyte, youth group, outreach ministries, etc) and is planning on attending a two or four year college or university the following fall.  The award money is intended to help defray the cost of college textbooks. Applications will be available on line in March and should be submitted by April 20. The award will be announced at a church service to honor all graduating seniors.  If you have any questions, contact Nancy Greeley at

Harrison Sayre was a long time active member of St. Anne’s Church.  When he died in March 2005, friends, family and fellow parishioners donated money to set up an award in his name.  Mr. Sayre was interested in young people and their education.  A committee made up of a clergy member, a member of the memorials committee and members of the Sayre family will select the recipient.  The award will be announced at a church service to honor all graduating seniors.  If you have any questions, contact Nancy Greeley at


Very Big Story Camp

Join us for a week of spirit-filled fun as St. Anne’s & First Presbyterian churches partner for Very Big Story Camp exploring the theme: You Are a New Creation in Christ. July 6-10 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM with option of an extended camp until 4:00 PM. Children between the age of 4 through rising 5th graders will learn about the transformation of butterflies and explore how Christians are a new creation in Christ. Morning camp will run from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM and is free to all families The extended camp will run from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM at a cost of $175. Register here: The deadline to register is Wednesday, June 24. For questions, please contact Connie Saeger at or 443-808-1361.

To register, please click here. The deadline to register is Wednesday, June 24.

Women’s Retreat

Current Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Light House Shelter

The Light House Homeless Prevention Support Center has served the community as a basic needs provider of food, shelter and support services for over 30 years. They rebuild lives with compassion by providing shelter and services to prevent homelessness and empower people as they transition toward employment, housing and self-sufficiency.

If you have never volunteered with Light House and would like to learn more please visit their website at Thank you for your support!

Cooking for the Light House

St. Anne’s and the Men’s Bible Study group provide and serve the evening meal at the Light House the first Wednesday of every month.

For March 4 we are serving fajitas.  We need 4 volunteers to slow cook a rump roast with salsa and shred it; 2 volunteers to slow cook and shred 4-6 chicken breasts in salsa; fruit; about 100 tortillas (7-9 inch); black beans; sliced onions (2-3); chopped tomatoes (4-5); 2 jars mild salsa and 1 jar hot sauce; 2 containers sour cream (16 -24 ounce); 2 large containers guacamole; 4 bags (8 oz or larger) shredded cheese; drinks – iced tea mix and 2 jars juice; dessert and 2 dozen eggs and half gallon milk for shelter use.  To volunteer contact Nancy Greeley at or John Merrick at

To volunteer, contact Nancy Greeley at 410-224-2975 or or John Merrick at


Family Cooking at the Light House

Nearly 20 years ago our community began as parents and young children cooking dinner joyfully in the parish hall kitchen for residents at the Light House in its first dedicated building on West Street. We gathered once a month to create the meal and carried it to the Light House to serve. Since then, we have grown into a community of parents, teens, children, singles, friends, and grandparents cooking onsite at the Light House on Hudson Street, all with the same joyful and loving intention of cooking and serving family as family. 

St. Anne’s is inviting all who may be interested in this ministry to consider guiding our community along the future path, offering loving relationship with our neighbors at the Light House. There are many ways to engage. For more information about cooking in community or about joining in the next cooking/serving days, on Monday, March 16, or April 20, contact Dave and Heather Strang at or 443-995-3820.

“For I was hungry and you gave me food, and I was thirsty and you gave me drink. I was a stranger and you took me in. ..’Amen, I say to you, as much as you have done to one of these my little brothers, you have done that to me.”  Matthew 25:35, 40

Women’s Retreat

Pastoral Care

Anne Arundel County Department of Aging & Disabilities

The Caregiver’s Voice
 A Newsletter Specifically for People Caring for Family, Friends, & Neighbors

The Caregivers’ Voice is a quarterly publication of the AA County Department of Aging and Disabilities’ National Family Caregiver Support Program. Contact us at: (410) 222-4336/4339 or at Caregiver Support.

Click here for the 2020 Support Group Schedule.

Click here for the latest version of Caregiver News and Updates.

Personal Prayers During the Offertory

During the Offertory at each Sunday morning service, someone from St. Anne’s Prayer Ministry will be at the Holy Family Chapel ready to pray with/for you or a loved one – for healing, hope, thanksgiving, intercession, small requests, large requests and/or a blessing and anointing. All prayers are  confidential. If you feel like coming to the Chapel but don’t know why, come anyway, come for a prayer – we are a praying community and all are welcome.

Stephen Ministry

Did you know? Once trained and commissioned, Stephen Ministers meet twice a month to give and receive peer supervision, which is necessary to help them provide quality care and grow as caregivers. .St. Anne’s Stephen Ministry is inviting the men and women of St.Anne’s to explore serving as a lay Christian caregiver. Training will be provided from September, 2019 through March, 2020. If you are interested in journeying with someone who needs confidential spiritual and emotional support, this may be the right caring ministry for you. For further details please contact: Chip Tucker: 443-852-1779 Patricia Jennings: 203-313-4665

The logo Stephen Ministry congregations use consists of a cross and circle, together with a broken person and a whole person.  The broken person stands behind the cross, symbolizing the brokenness in our lives as a result of our sin.  The whole person stands in front of the cross because it is through the cross of Jesus that we again are made whole.  The circle symbolizes both the wholeness we receive through Christ and God’s love for us.

If you would like to receive care from a Stephen Minister or know of someone seeking care, please contact Rev. Thompson or Carol Leach, 410-263-1752.

Pastoral Care at St. Anne’s
 Prayer Letter
Our weekly prayer letter gives you a chance to mention by name those who have asked for our prayers. Copies are available for you to take home and include in your daily devotions. Patricia Spencer coordinates this effort and would love to hear from you if you have questions or concerns. You can reach her at 301-751-0555, or
For more information on Pastoral Care, click here.
Hospital Visitation
If you are to be a patient at AAMC, please give the office a call and let us know! Or contact Dion at  or 850-450-2801. And say yes, when the admitting person at AAMC asks if you would like a pastoral visit from someone from your preferred religious affiliation.
Pastoral visits by our Hospital Visitors are a great benefit of being part of St Anne’s parish. Our visitors are compassionate, respectful and faithful. And they are all trained as Eucharistic Visitors.
Hearing Loop
St. Anne’s has a hearing loop to better serve the 57% of people over  60 who have significant hearing loss. The Hearing Loop provides clean, clear sound without a headset and sends the voices of clergy and readers directly into the hearing aids of people sitting in the pews. If you have hearing loss but no hearing aids, ask an usher for a Loop Receiver with earbuds which you can use during the service. 
Women’s Retreat


News from the Diocese

Join Bishop Sutton on a South Africa Pilgrimage of Creation, Reconciliation and Hope

Bishop Sutton will travel to both Cape Town and Johannesburg, visiting historic sites related to Apartheid, President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He invites the Diocese of Maryland to tour the countryside, including nature preserves, whale watching and a safari. Then spend two nights at an Anglican monastery, but otherwise stay in hotels. Most meals and all transportation will be included in the price. The trip will take place November 6-18, 2020, and if you sign up with the diocese please let Rev. Jess know so that we can pray for your journey.  Additional information here.

Maryland Episcopal Public Policy (MEEP) Network – Posts

For MEEP updates, please visit their Facebook site here.