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Women’s Retreat


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Bless ~ Walk ~ Play

Join with friends on a tiny Celtic pilgrimage of blessing – all are welcome!

Gather at St. Anne’s Church, enjoy a Celtic blessing together and carry it each step of the way, with each “hello” and each “good morning.” In teams we will walk as far as is comfortable. Remember to play! Friends welcome!

Join us on the following Wednesdays: June 5 & June 12. We will start at 9:00 AM and finish by 10:30 AM. For more information – Heather Strang 443-995-3820.
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,  the rains fall soft
upon your fields and until we meet again,  may God hold you in the palm of
His hand. Celtic blessing
A blessing is a circle of light
drawn around a person to protect, heal, and strengthen.
It would be lovely if we could
rediscover our power to bless one another. I believe each of us can bless. When
a blessing is invoked, it changes the atmosphere. Some of the plenitude flows
into our hearts from the invisible neighborhood of loving kindness. In the
light and reverence of blessing, a person or situation becomes illuminated in a
completely new way. In a dead wall a new window opens, in dense darkness a path
starts to glimmer, and into a broken heart healing falls like morning dew. It
is ironic that so often we continue to live like paupers though our inheritance
of spirit is so vast. The quiet eternal that dwells in our souls is silent and
subtle; in the activity of blessing it emerges to embrace and nurture us. Let
us begin to learn how to bless one another. Whenever you give a blessing, a
blessing returns to enfold you.  John O’Donohue


439th Maryland Legislative Session

Flag of Maryland

The 2019 Maryland General Assembly began January 9 and ended April 8, 2019. The Maryland Episcopal Public Policy Network (MEPPN) monitored as well as submitted written and oral testimony regarding clean energy jobs, domestic violence, minimum wage issues, prescription drug affordability and homelessness. This report summarizes a brief list of the many bills that were heard during the 2019 session. For more information please contact Kathy Shahinian.

HB 166/SB 280 Labor and Employment – Fight for $15
Gradually increases the minimum wage from the current $10.10 per hour to $15 per hour by 2025 for companies with more than 15 workers. Smaller companies will follow a schedule that gives them an extra year to reach $15 per hour. Companies will have to provide an explanation of wages to tipped workers, who will continue to be paid a base wage as little as $3.63 per hour, so long as their tips bring their total pay to at least minimum wage. Gubernatorial Veto Override – Chapter 10 & Chapter 11. MEPPN SUPPORT

HB 307 – Maryland Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Commission
The measure authorizes the Commission to hold public hearings around the state to investigate the 40 plus racial terror lynching’s that were committed in Maryland, The law acknowledges that no one was ever charged in connection with any of these crimes and that government entities were often complicit in committing them and in concealing the identities of those responsible. The act further notes that, “Restorative justice requires a full knowledge, understanding and acceptance of the truth before there can be any meaningful reconciliation,” Passed and Approved by Governor – Chapter 41. MEPPN SUPPORT

HB 768/SB759 – Prescription Drug Affordability Board
Establishes the Prescription Drug Affordability Board to protect State residents and certain stakeholders from the high costs of prescription drug products. Requires the Board to collect data and identify prescription drug products that may cause affordability challenges and authorizes the Board to meet in closed session when discussing trade secrets as well as authorizing the Board to set an upper payment limit for certain drug products.
Enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution – Chapter 692 MEPPN SUPPORT

HB 1158/SB 516 – Clean Energy Jobs Act
The Clean Energy Jobs Act mandates that Maryland reach the goal of 50% renewable energy by 2030 and 100% by 2040. Establishes certain criteria for qualified offshore wind projects applied for on or after July 1, 2017, termed Round 2 offshore wind projects; altering and extending the minimum required percentage of energy that must be derived from Tier 1 renewable sources in the State’s renewable energy portfolio standard in certain years; altering and extending the minimum required percentage of Tier 1 renewable energy that must be derived from solar energy in the State’s renewable energy portfolio standard in certain years.
Enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution – Chapter 757 MEPPN SUPPORT

HB109/SB285: Banning use of plastic foam
Starting July 1, 2020, businesses will no longer be able to sell or provide food in an “expanded polystyrene food service product” — better known to most by the brand name Styrofoam. Local health departments can enforce the law and impose penalties of up to $250 per violation. There will be an option for businesses to apply for a hardship waiver, as well as some exceptions, including for products packaged outside Maryland, such as ramen noodles, and for foam products used to package raw or butchered meat and foam products not used for food service. Enacted under Article II, Section 17(c) of the Maryland Constitution – Chapter 579 & Chapter 580 MEPPN SUPPORT

HB 781/SB 1007: Parishioner Protection Act of 2019 (GUNS IN CHURCHES)
Authorizing a person who has the written consent of a bona fide church or religious organization to carry a handgun on the property of the church or religious organization during certain events and who has the intent to wear, carry, or transport a handgun for certain purposes on the property of the church or religious organization to, without a permit, carry a handgun on the property of the church or religious organization during certain events and transport a handgun to and from certain church or religious organization events; etc.
Unfavorable Report MEPPN OPPOSE

Respectfully submitted, Kathy Shahinian+


Education for Ministry (EfM)

EfM: Education for Ministry: A Program of theological education at a distance.

In a recent sermon Fr. Tim challenged us to move beyond our elementary Sunday School education and to continue our Christian education. Education for Ministry (EfM) helps the faithful encounter the breadth and depth of the Christian tradition and bring it into conversation with their experiences of the world as they study, worship, and engage in theological reflection together.

Education for Ministry (EfM) is a unique four-year distance learning certificate program in theological education based upon small-group study and practice. Since its founding in 1975, this international program has assisted more than 100,000 participants in discovering and nurturing their call to Christian service.

It is for the laity of the church. Every Christian receives the call to Christ’s ministry at baptism. EfM provides the basics of a theological education in order to develop knowledge and confidence about the ministry we all share. You will find that EfM teaches you how to think theologically, deepens your faith and your understanding of our Christian heritage, and provides you with a new confidence to be Christ’s minister.

The seminars follow an academic year and will begin in September. An evening as well as a daytime seminar is planned. We are recruiting those interested in this kind of serious religious study. For more information or to request a prospectus please contact Meg Kimble, EfM Diocesan Coordinator at 410-349-7347 or email



Whole Parish Party

Linda Walker and Tim Mulder

St. Anne’s Vestry and the Foyer Groups invite the whole parish to a family event honoring Father Tim Mulder, and his wife Linda. Sunday, June 9, from 5:00-7:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Please bring an appetizer to share and a beverage of your choice. Dessert will be provided. Please RSVP to Betty Creighton by June 5.


Cemetery News
Ginger DeLuca will be leading a tour of St. Anne’s Cemetery on Saturday, June 15 from 9:30-11:00 AM. This tour will highlight the past, present and future of our cemetery. We will begin at the main entrance for a quick history of our cemetery and then we will visit the final resting places of the Brices, the Carrolls, the Randalls and the Harwoods, well-known leaders of early Annapolis, as well others who lived during the “Golden Age” of Annapolis. 

As we walk through the historic section of the cemetery, we will visit the family of Smith Price, the founder of the county’s first African-American church, whose bones were displaced by the urban renewal of the 1980’s but were recently found by Janice Hayes-Williams. We are honored that Ms. Williams has agreed to have Price’s bones reinterred with those of his family in St. Anne’s Cemetery on All Saints’ Day this November.

 During our tour we will see the recent work done by parishioners and a licensed arborist to preserve the beautiful trees that inhabit our cemetery and recently-rebuilt perimeter wall. Finally, we will talk about our plans for the rest of the wall and tour where we hope to install memorial gardens and a columbarium.  

We are scheduling this tour in the early morning to avoid the heat of the day. Please wear comfortable shoes since we will be doing a fair amount of walking. If you are interested, please let Ginger know with an email to



Dialogue with St. Philip’s: What do we expect?

Both St. Anne’s and St. Philip’s are interested in moving forward with conversations between our congregations about our past and our future. To prepare for these conversations we have been invited by St. Philip’s Anti-Racism Committee Chairperson to participate in a discussion on our churches’ expectations for these conversations and how the “Seeing the Face of God in Each Other” workshop  will help facilitate our initial dialogue. This discussion will take place on June 3 at 7:00 PM in St. Philip’s Parish Hall.

Before we attend this discussion, there will be a meeting on June 2 after the 11:00 AM service in St. Anne’s Parish Hall for our congregation to discuss our expectations for our work and relationship building with St. Philip’s. This would prepare us for meeting with St. Philip’s Anti-Racism Committee on Monday evening.

Email The Rev. Jess Sexton at if you are interested in attending the meetings on June 2 and June 3.



Summer Fellowship

Our Sunday Forums and Children and Youth Discovery programs have finished for the season, but there are still plenty of opportunities for fellowship at St. Anne’s!
We are gearing up for Summer Worship with our Fellowship in the Churchyard beginning June 2. Please sign up your ministry for one or more weeks to furnish a snack to be enjoyed following the 9:30 worship service. Coffee and water will be provided. Set up and break down of the tables will be handled for you.


2019 Men’s Retreat

September 20 – 22, 2019 at the Memorial House in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

St. Anne’s men are responding to Bishop Curry’s challenge to commit to The Way of Life by focusing on it at the Men’s Retreat. We will study the seven topics of this
process and consider how to begin to write a Rule of Life for ourselves. For more information, click here.
Bible Study

I Shall Not Die, But Live — A six-week journey through the Gospel of Luke, at 6:00 PM, in the Parish Hall. Join us as we break bread together, encounter Christ and engage in spirit-filled conversation about the Prodigal Son, the Rich Man and Lazarus and much more. Luke’s gospel is always timely, and perhaps even more so today as Jesus’ actions challenge us with questions about outreach, radical hospitality and welcoming the outsiders among us. We’ll be using an acclaimed 2017 film version produced by Lionsgate, along with supplemental readings. Amy-Jill Levine’s book, “Short Stories by Jesus”, will be one of our resources. Get in touch with Father Thompson to learn more, and tell a friend.


St. Anne’s Episcopal Rainbow Group 

Celebrate Our Diversity and Welcoming Spirit with Us! 

St. Anne’s Episcopal Rainbow Group invites you to participate with us in Annapolis Pride’s Inaugural Parade on Saturday, June 29 at 12:00 PM.

St. Anne’s Episcopal Rainbow Group is walking in the parade to let all parade attendees know, especially LGBTQ+ individuals, we are a welcoming and inclusive church for all. All St. Anne’s clergy, staff, committees, and the entire congregation is invited to walk with the group in a show of solidarity; a demonstration of our diversity; and our committed welcoming spirit.

The parade starts at Amos Garrett Blvd. and proceeds along West Street to Calvert St. The route is 0.4 miles long and is expected to last about 45 minutes. Please join us!

St. Anne’s T-Shirt Fundraiser! 

St. Anne’s Episcopal Rainbow Group is selling t-shirts (via this link at Custom Ink to wear at the parade and to raise money for our parade expenses. If you don’t want to buy a shirt but want to support the group you can also donate at the same link. You can opt to have the t-shirt shipped to you for a small fee or delivered free of charge the morning of the parade. The t-shirt sale will run from May 20 – June 10. Our parade  meeting point is the Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts at 11:00 AM on Saturday, June 29.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Rainbow Group Coordinator, Jill Lake at



Women’s Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study meets the first Saturday of every month.  The next meeting will be June 1 from 10:00 to 11:00 AM in the Church Choir Room.  We will study the sixth chapter of Galatians.


Women’s Retreat


Children and Youth Ministry

Children and Youth Events

Fr. Tim’s Farewell & Thank You Gift

Fr. Tim’s last Sunday will be June 9. For the next 3 Sundays, your child/youth will have the opportunity to put their fingerprint on a special ceramic cross that will be presented to Tim. Please have your child/youth join us in saying thank-you and Godspeed to our Interim Rector. If you will not be at services the next 3 weeks, please let me know and we can arrange a time during the week.

Very Big Story Camp (Children and Youth)

Don’t forget to sign-up your child for Very Big Story Camp, and your middle and high school youth for Jr. Counselors. This year’s  camp will be held July 8 to 12, from 9:00 AM to noon. We are pleased that this year we will have more music and art. If your child or youth plays a musical instrument, likes doing skits, enjoys singing, enjoys art, and wants to reflect on God’s awesome love, you don’t want to miss this year’s camp!  Sign-up using our Sign-Up Genius link: .

New Acolyte, Youth Lector Sign-Up

We are recruiting young people to be acolytes and readers (lectors) for the 9:30 AM service. Acolytes need to be no younger than rising second graders and Lectors must be good readers. We will offer training mid-June. If your child is interested, please  let Connie know.

Sycamore Tree (Children’s Worship)

The Sycamore Tree will be held at the 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM services through the summer. 

Middle School Mission Trip to Appalachia

Be the Peace – Thus you shall salute him: “Peace be to you, and peace be to your house, and peace be to all that you have.” 1 Samuel 25:6

 Appalachia Service Project (ASP).   First Presbyterian Church and St Anne’s will come together this summer and head to Jonesville, VA to serve the local residents on a much-needed service project in their community. For more information check out the link below.   RSVP to Miss Good if you are interested in participating!  SPACE IS LIMITED. Registration and $175.00 non-refundable deposit cutoff is Wednesday, February 27. However if all the slots are filled we will cutoff registration earlier. 

Who:  Middle school students, who have completed the 6th-8th grades with adult chaperones. We have 10 youth slots available.

What:  Learn about and provide service and home repair to a family in Central Appalachia with JAM.

Where:  We will be housed for this program at the ASP-owned facility in Jonesville, Virginia and travel to a family’s home.

Cost: $325/person/week. This cost will cover food, housing, programming, construction tools, and materials for your entire week of service. Scholarships available. $175 due at registration, and $150 is due by July 1. Please note: Transportation costs will be funded by fundraisers and both congregations.

Why:  ASP offers Middle school students a chance to complete hands-on service and sets them up to continue to serve throughout their lives. At ASP, they are able to truly make a difference for both local homeowners and the community with meaningful projects, while still having age-specific programming in place. We firmly believe that young people can change the world, so come join us soon and see for yourself!

For more information or to sign up for any of the above events, contact Connie Saeger at *protected email* or 443-808-1361.


Women’s Retreat


Current Volunteer and Service Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity

St. Anne’s parishioners have been busy this spring working on a Habitat house on Clay Street.  The renovated house is due to be completed this summer, and a new homeowner has already been selected and is putting in her “sweat equity” hours, working alongside volunteers with the Annapolis Interfaith Coalition.  Pictured are St. Anne’s hard working volunteers Mike Creighton, Phil Reynolds and Bill Malicki.  For information about Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake or to volunteer, contact Linda Silva at *protected email*.

Light House Shelter
Cooking for the Light House
St. Anne’s and the Men’s Huddle provide and cook the evening meal at the Light House the first Wednesday of every month.  We cook our items at home and gather at the Light House at 5:00 PM to serve the dinner. After serving, we get a plate and sit to eat and converse with the guests.  We are usually done by 7:00 PM.

On June 5 we are serving a chicken dinner.  Still needed are: a tossed salad for 35, dessert and drinks (2 jars juice and iced tea mix).  The shelter also requests a gallon milk and a dozen eggs for shelter breakfasts.  

The first Wednesday in July is July 3.  Since it is so close to the 4th, many people will be on vacation.  To make a meal that is easily served we are planning on ham and salads.  We need 2 volunteers to provide a spiral cut ham, two people to provide coleslaw for 20, tossed salad, 5 dozen rolls and a tub of butter or margarine, macaroni and cheese, drinks and dessert. To help, contact Nancy Greeley at 410 224-2975 or or john Merrick at

Family Cooking for the Light House 

The St. Anne’s Family Cooking at the Light House  ministry encourages St. Anne families to volunteer together to lovingly prepare, cook, and serve a meal for residents of the shelter. Family Cooking at the Light House is held monthly on the 3rd Monday of every month. This is a wonderful bonding experience for families. It is an excellent opportunity for children to see their parents giving their time and talent. It also teaches youth about sharing our abundant wealth and resources with those less fortunate. Eating with the residents after serving also enriches the service learning of the ministry and teaches our youth that shelter residents are no less valuable than they are. Family cooking is also an excellent community service event for teenagers needing volunteer hours.

I am always looking for volunteer families to come prepare, cook, and serve a meal for approximately 60 residents. Children 11 years old and over are welcome to participate in family cooking. Each month I need 2 – 3 families to prepare a main course, side dishes, and dessert. You decide the menu, so family favorite recipes are always welcome! I pair up new families with experienced ones, so no one is overwhelmed, and I am most often there for support and help and to oversee things. To learn more about participating or if you are interested in volunteering please contact Jill Lake at *protected email* or 443-433-2373. All March 2019 dates and beyond are available to sign up at



Women’s Retreat


Pastoral Care

Personal Prayers During the Offertory

During the Offertory at each Sunday morning service, someone from St. Anne’s Prayer Ministry will be at the Holy Family Chapel ready to pray with/for you or a loved one – for healing, hope, thanksgiving, intercession, small requests, large requests and/or a blessing and anointing. All prayers are  confidential. If you feel like coming to the Chapel but don’t know why, come anyway, come for a prayer – we are a praying community and all are welcome.

Stephen Ministry

Did you know? Stephen Ministers are trained and supervised lay volunteers, not professional counselors or therapists.

St. Anne’s Stephen Ministry is inviting the men and women of St.Anne’s to explore serving as a lay Christian caregiver. Training will be provided from September, 2019 through March, 2020. If you are interested in journeying with someone who needs confidential spiritual and emotional support, this may be the right caring ministry for you.

For further details please contact:
Chip Tucker: 443-852-1779
Patricia Jennings: 203-313-4665

Stephen Ministers care for people facing tough times.  We all experience challenges in life — times when we could benefit from care and support.  Stephen Ministers can provide the emotional and spiritual care we need when faced with a crisis or difficulty.

If you would like to receive care from a Stephen Minister or know of someone seeking care, please contact Rev. Thompson *protected email* or Lori Marchant, 443-994-5858, *protected email*.

Pastoral Care at St. Anne’s
 Prayer Letter
Our weekly prayer letter gives you a chance to mention by name those who have asked for our prayers. Copies are available for you to take home and include in your daily devotions. Patricia Spencer coordinates this effort and would love to hear from you if you have questions or concerns. You can reach her at 301-751-0555, or
For more information on Pastoral Care, click here.
Hospital Visitation
If you are to be a patient at AAMC, please give the office a call and let us know! Or contact Dion at *protected email*  or 850-450-2801. And say yes, when the admitting person at AAMC asks if you would like a pastoral visit from someone from your preferred religious affiliation.
Pastoral visits by our Hospital Visitors are a great benefit of being part of St Anne’s parish. Our visitors are compassionate, respectful and faithful. And they are all trained as Eucharistic Visitors.
Hearing Loop
St. Anne’s has a hearing loop to better serve the 57% of people over  60 who have significant hearing loss. The Hearing Loop provides clean, clear sound without a headset and sends the voices of clergy and readers directly into the hearing aids of people sitting in the pews. If you have hearing loss but no hearing aids, ask an usher for a Loop Receiver with earbuds which you can use during the service.