The Rev. Jessica Sexton

Sunday, March 22, The Fourth Sunday in Lent, “God’s Prayer in Times of Fear”

In the name of my redeemer, sustainer, and friend. Amen.

Landon Saunders had a 30-minute radio show in the 1960’s that was heard by millions across the US (some of you may remember him). One afternoon, it was about 10 minutes before he was about to go on the air and it was announced that President John F. Kennedy had been shot. In that moment Saunders knew that everything he had prepared to talk about that day was pointless.DOWNLOAD PDF

The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia

Sunday, March 15, The Third Sunday in Lent, “How are we to Live Amidst this Crisis?

On this third Sunday in Lent, hear the sermon from our Rector Rev. Manoj Zacharia. Click here to hear the sermon.

The Rev. M. Dion Thompson

Sunday, March 8, The Second Sunday in Lent, “O Love, How Deep

On the Second Sunday in Lent, the Rev. Dion Thompson spoke on God’s divine message of love. “God loves each and every one of us, as if there’s only one of us to love,” he said. “Knowing who we are, knowing that we will reject his Son and despise his Son and crucify his Son… God so loved the world that he gave his own Son.” Click here to hear the sermon.

The Rev. Dr. Manoj Mathew Zacharia

Sunday, March 1, The First Sunday in Lent, “The Power of Confession”

On this first Sunday in Lent, our Rector Rev. Manoj Zacharia speaks of the power of confession. In this sermon, Manoj+ focused on today’s Epistle, from St. Paul’s letter to the Romans. “What has dominion or reigns over you?” Manoj+ asked. “What grips your soul?” Click here to hear the sermon.