Music at St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s Concert Series

St. Anne’s Church is known for its exemplary music program and this free concert series is a big part of it.  There are two separate programs–one in the spring and one in the fall.  Through this series, we bring to Annapolis the best musicians in the region. The church itself boasts the finest acoustics in the area as well as one of the finest pipe organs. So, if you like music – music of all kinds – join us!

All Thursday Concerts begin at 6:15 PM at St. Anne’s Church (Church Circle, Annapolis).

No tickets required for these special nights! Come as you are, pay as you can.

6:15 PM Thursday Fall
Concert Series

October 10 – Bach+
October 17– The Gallery Winds

October 10 - Bach+

Thursday, October 10 at 6:15 PM at St. Anne’s Church (Church Circle)





Bach+, Annapolis’ resident Bach Series, resumes this Thursday, October 10, in historic St. Anne’s Episcopal Church at 6:15 PM.

This season we will explore the musical connections between Bach’s Cantatas and his instrumental concerti. Throughout his life, Bach composed, re-worked, and re-used his own music as well as music of other composers. This inventive creativity on his part yielded a treasure trove of music and some surprising connections among works.
This opening program will begin by exploring the connections between these works:

Bach – Prelude from Partita #3 – BWV 1006
BWV 1006 Vivaldi – “Summer” from the Four Seasons
Vivaldi – Concerto for guitar in D
Bach – Keyboard concerto in d minor – BWV 1052 (originally from two Leipzig cantatas)
Bach – Sinfonia from Cantata 120a.

If you listen carefully you will immediately notice that the opening work and the closing works on this program use the same musical material. But it gets even better when on Sunday October 6 at 5:30, we present Bach’s “Wir danken dir, Gott, wireframes danken” – Cantata #29, which opens with a Sinfonia that is the final version of this exciting and familiar music.

Adult Choir

Snior Choir Music ProgramUnder the direction of conductor, J. Ernest Green, our Adult Choir is composed of over 50 members. The Adult Choir provides most of the music for our 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM worship services. Rehearsals are on Thursday evenings at 7:30 PM in the Skylight Room of the Parish House.  For more information, contact Ernie Green.

Children’s Choir

Church Circle Consort

Music Band St. Anne'sInstrumental music for church services and other events is frequently provided by the Church Circle Consort. This group is a collection of instrumentalist, including strings, winds and percussion that range from amateur to professional and beginners to lifetime musicians under the direction of Kari Shea. Interested participants are grouped appropriately with other instruments or arrangements are made for solo performances and accompaniment with piano. A brass choir meets regularly and a string trio meets at arranged times. Other groups are formed for specific performances and as the need arises. If you play an instrument and want more information, contact Kari Shea *protected email*.